What is MBS?

October 18, 2019

Messengers-Based Sales (MBS for short) is a sales approach that focuses on messengers as a means of communication with prospects and clients. Messengers are one of the most popular communication channels in the world, with a unique side to them - they are trustworthy by default. The business chatting with the prospect is in the same contact list as friends and family. With MBS, you can capitalize on selling with messengers and boost your profits to a completely new level.

Pioneering MBS with Kommo

We tailored our system to perform with messengers to the limit. All new leads from messengers are automatically added into the system, and you can enjoy using other communication channels such as email and phone from a single browser tab.

Is your favorite messenger supported? We bet it is. We are fully integrated with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat, Skype, and Viber, with WhatsApp Business as well on its way.

Using messengers with Kommo is more than simply connecting them all in a single place. The added benefit of message templates, Net Promoter Score feedback system and natural language processing is there to help you provide the best experience to your customers.

In case you’re ever overwhelmed with customer flow, fear not: our Salesbot feature will help you tackle incoming requests day and night. The Salesbot can answer questions, gather information, act as a part of lead qualification and even process payments with the help of the Stripe integration. The best part? You can build the chatbot yourself without having to learn to program - with our visual chatbot builder.

Couple all of these awesome features with the core capabilities of Kommo and you’ve got a powerful system to help you get more sales ⁠— from lead generation to after-sale support.

Looking to learn more about MBS before getting started? This is the perfect place.

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