Lead Scraper by Kommo

With Kommo’s Chrome extension, any website will become a lead generation platform. Select the data you want to grab and a lead will be automatically created in Kommo. It’s the perfect tool to fill up your pipeline with new leads.

How to install Kommo Lead scraper

The Kommo Lead scraper extension is available on the Chrome Web Store.

To install it:

  • Click on Add to Chrome > Add Extension

The Kommo Lead scraper will appear in the top right corner of your Chrome browser interface.

Kommo Lead scraper

How to use Kommo Lead scraper

To start using the extension:

  1. Click on it and Log in your Kommo.
  2. Select the account you want to connect to the lead scraper.
  3. Configure the scraper manually or use a preset.
  4. Map out the Kommo lead card fields.
  5. Select the pipeline and save.
  6. Click on create a lead.
  7. A lead will appear in the selected Kommo pipeline.

Sometimes a website profile requires clicking on a pop-up window to get info which is otherwise hidden. Use the record tool to mark these points.

If scraping is done manually you need to click each section you want to grab from the website and map it with the corresponding fields in your Kommo lead cards.

Custom presets

Custom presets allow you to automatically map out all of the fields, this way you won’t have to manually select fields every time you want to create a new lead. This is especially useful if you often use a specific website to look for new lead contact details.

We’ve added some presets in the LinkedIn and Zillow articles. Use them or check them out and create your own presets.

Need more help with setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@kommo.com or write to us on Facebook.

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