Manage more clients with less effort

With Salesbot, you can nurture clients through your sales cycle and speed up workflows without lifting a finger.

A chatbot facilitates sales through conversational interactions

Meet Salesbot

With Kommo’s


you can build

no-code bots that send



plus perform

like setting tasks.

More than your average chatbot

Embed Salesbot directly into your workflow to assist you with everything from collecting client info to moving clients through your pipeline!

Create multiple pipelines for your needs

Let a bot handle the busywork. Set up Salesbot to keep you on task, follow up with clients and more.

More key features

Don’t miss Kommo’s other tools for building more meaningful connections with clients

CRM pipeline

Create a clear roadmap with the pipeline: it lays all your clients out in a board-like view for easy tracking

Unified inbox

Connect all your communication channels — from WhatsApp to text messaging — in a single inbox

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