Product overview

The world’s first conversational CRM

Kommo comes equipped with dozens of features to empower your team to sell more effectively.

Manage all your leads with Kommo

Every client at your fingertips

Upgrade your workflow with 3

customizable views:



Workflow upgrating with 3 customizable views

Get the big picture

On one screen, the pipeline delivers a bird’s eye view of your whole sales process in action. You can pinpoint the progress of every single client, preview task statuses, and monitor your overall sales health.

Kommo's chat inbox helps you sell with messenger apps

Plug in chat apps

Juggle multiple conversations effortlessly in the inbox . You can connect multiple WhatsApp numbers, Instagram and Facebook pages, and other chat apps like Telegram too.

Kommo's client profiles help you track interactions with clients

Get context fast

View your entire history with a client in one profile: Chat conversations, emails, notes you’ve taken, your teammate feedback, tasks and more.

“Hustle mode” is
for people who
don’t use bots

Manage all your clients in a sales pipeline from Kommo

Intuitive AI toolkit

Chat effortlessly with Kommo’s AI assistant by your side. Communicating has never been easier thanks to features like text rewriting, conversation summaries, and suggested replies.

Manage all your clients in a sales pipeline from Kommo

No-code Salesbot

Create bots that are more than just chat assistants — they can greet clients, gather data, nurture them with follow-ups and much more.

Accomplish more with task management in Kommo

Messaging campaigns

Keep potential and existing clients engaged long after the conversation ends with broadcast messages on apps like WhatsApp. It also pairs perfectly with Salesbot.

Build no-code bots in Kommo with Salesbot

Easy automation

Reclaim the hours you spend on repetitive chores. Automated workflows for data entry, lead assignment and task setting can be set up in just a few clicks.

Plus, even more


Set reminders in client profiles and manage your calendar

Team chat

Chat with colleagues privately, in group chats or directly in client profiles


Track performance with realtime reports and customizable dashboards

Web forms

Design beautiful forms that feed leads straight into your pipeline

Chat button

Customize your own multi-messenger chat button just like you see on this page


The apps you love plug right into Kommo to make your workflow seamless

“Kommo has given a good 60% percent boost in all avenues: getting leads, keeping leads, getting back to leads and saving time. It’s huge.”

Chris Donnell Cosmichrome

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