Slack: How to connect Slack with Kommo

December 3, 2021

Spend most of your time in Slack? Then this integration is built for you!

Even if the next incoming message is from WhatsApp, Instagram or any other connected source, with this integration you’ll get the message in both Kommo and Slack — and you can reply without switching apps. 🔥

Let me show you how to install it.

First of all, in Kommo go to Settings - Integrations, find Slack widget and press install.

Now press Sign in to Slack,

Slack connection

insert your workspace name if you are not logged in Slack, click proceed,

Slack connection

login, and allow Kommo to exchange data with your Slack workspace.

Slack connection

Great, half way through already 🙂

Let's set up your first notification

❗ Before you start, make sure you have a public Slack channel and notifications about new conversations in it are enabled.

Next, specify the notification name, which will be shown in your notification list.

Slack connection

Now, choose which conversations you want to be notified about. You can choose responsible users, subscribers, or both of them up to 100 people in each field.

Slack connection

Please remember that a notification will be sent if any user match is found. For example, if you chose to be notified about conversations connected to 4 different users, a notification will be sent to you in case any of them start a new conversation.

Last step - choose the Slack channel in a drop-down list.

Slack connection

Now press ‘save’ and done! 🥳 You’ve set your first notification!

To see the whole list of users or subscribers for the notification, just click on the number in the column

Slack connection

If you wish to edit or delete the notification, just click its name - that will open your notification in the edit mode.

Now that we’re done with the installation part, let’s see how to chat from Slack, shall we?

So right after you get your first conversation that matches the set notifications, that’s what you’ll see in Slack:

Slack connection

To answer, just click ‘Start chatting’ and a private channel for the chat will be created.

Slack connection

Type your message in the chat box and press send - your client will get the message in the channel he contacted you from.

Isn’t that cool? 🔥

Moreover, once you've answered all of your lead’s questions, you can close the conversation right from Slack. For that type “/” and choose “close-conversation” from the commands list.

Slack connection

That’s it, the conversation is archived and its status in Kommo is changed to “closed”.

Please note that closing the conversation from Kommo will also archive the corresponding Slack channel.

One more thing: if you need to check some additional information about the lead, just click “View in Kommo”. That will bring you directly to the lead card in Kommo.

Slack connection

Congrats, you’re all set! Now you can enjoy chatting in your favorite Slack with Kommo 🙌

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