Can I connect my personal Facebook account messenger?

Only business page messengers can be connected as a Facebook lead source.

Due to restrictions put in place by Facebook connecting personal messengers is not possible.

The whole messenger communication doesn’t show up in the lead card

If you reply directly from a messenger app such as Facebook messenger or Instagram, your messages will not be reflected in Kommo.

That’s why we recommend replying directly from the lead card. That way all of the communication will be properly saved.

Can I respond from multiple messengers in the same lead card?
Yes, one contact can have multiple messengers attached to it. Once they write to you from a new messenger app, merge the new lead with the original one. From then on you will be able to respond from them in the same lead card.
Can I add different messenger accounts in separate pipelines?

Yes you can, separate pipelines can have different messenger accounts connected to it.

For example, you have one Instagram account connected in pipeline One, and a different one connected in pipeline Two.

Is it possible to add multiple accounts of the same messenger in the same pipeline?
This is possible for the Facebook messenger integration. You can add multiple business page messengers in the same pipeline.
I cannot authorize the Instagram integration

The Instagram integration requires a verified phone number. A phone number can be verified in your Instagram account settings.

The phone number is then required when installing the app in Kommo.

If I receive a chat message in a new messenger, but I already have that contact will it merge automatically ?

Chat messages from a new messenger will appear as separate leads in the Incoming leads stage.

For example: You already have a contact with which you communicate on through Facebook messenger, if they write to you on Instagram a separate lead card will appear. Merge them together and from then on all the communication will be in one place.