Incoming Leads

January 30, 2020

Kommo is able to get lead contacts from multiple sources, however it can become difficult if you need to process a lot of different sources that are from different interfaces. What if the message you have in one of the sources is just spam? Should it be in your system or not? That’s why Kommo makes it simple to unify new messages, emails, and calls in one simple format: Incoming Leads.

What are Incoming Leads?

Incoming Leads are not leads at least not yet. It’s just a reminder that maybe this email is from a potential customer, or perhaps the incoming call is not just a spam-call trying to sell stuff you don’t want, but a potential client that wants to buy your product.

You can see Incoming Leads when you receive any data from your connected sources. An additional stage in your pipeline will appear with grey text, and a request that looks like a lead with information will appear.


Note: If you have many sources in one pipeline you can easily sort leads: just hover your mouse on the name of the stage “Incoming Leads” and you will see icons with numbers near them for phone, mail, form submissions, and messages. If you click on any of them, the Incoming Leads will be sorted out by calls, emails, forms, messages, or chats respectively.


The Incoming Leads feature is on by default when you setup any source like Facebook Messenger or Webforms. You can turn it off, however then new messages from a totally new client that you have no prior contact with in Kommo will be delivered to the notification center. An example case would be there is someone that wants to ask you about your product but knows only your Facebook page.

To add sources or to turn off incoming leads you need to go to the Setup section of any pipeline.

Note: For every pipeline, you have different sources and an entirely different Incoming Leads section. For example, if you have your mailbox as a source in Pipeline 1 and your Facebook Business Page as a source in Pipeline 2, you won’t see new emails in Pipeline 2.

Accept - Decline

Any Incoming Lead can be either accepted or declined. You can do this directly from the pipeline by just hovering over the incoming lead and clicking the green checkmark to accept it or red trash-can to decline it. There is a third icon which is a blue chain and is used to merge an incoming lead with an exciting lead or customer.

If you click on the trash-can, the Incoming Lead will just be deleted and disappear from the screen. If you click on the checkmark however, the Incoming Lead will automatically be created as a fully functional lead in the first stage of your pipeline.


If you open an Incoming Lead you’ll see standard lead interface but with three buttons at the bottom left


The same logic from the pipeline view would also apply in this case.

Merging Incoming lead with actual lead or customer

If you hover over an Incoming Lead in the Pipeline or open an Incoming Lead and click Link, a Modal window will open where you can search for the name of any customer or any lead that you have in your Kommo account. You will see all of the leads by the name you searched for, and you can click on the lead or customer that you want to merge with this Incoming Lead. The new dialogue, call, mail, or form will be passed to the lead or customer.

Note: You don’t need to have the incoming lead you want to merge in the same pipeline with the lead you going to merge it with: an incoming lead can be merged from anywhere to everywhere in the system.


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