Kommo AI: Overview

May 29, 2024

At Kommo, we want to make your customer interactions as smooth as possible. That's why we created Kommo AI – a smart communication tool powered by artificial intelligence. With Kommo AI, you can improve your conversations to be more efficient, clear, and professional.

Kommo AI uses advanced AI models like ChatGPT and our own technology to offer features that help you with your work. These features include rewriting texts, giving suggestions for improvements, summarizing conversations, generating response ideas, and more.

Note: Kommo AI works best with texts in the same language as the user interface. Right now, it supports Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and English. If a message is in another language, Kommo AI will still try to process it, but it might not work as well.

In this article, you’ll learn:

Kommo AI conversation tools


Kommo AI Rewriter uses pre-written prompts to streamline text rewriting. These prompts, created by Kommo's developers, act as instructions guiding the AI towards specific goals.

Whether you want your text to sound more professional, friendly, funny, or simply adjust its length and complexity, Kommo provides prompts to achieve desired and predictable results. You can choose from:

  • Correct Grammar and Spelling: Fixes mistakes in your text.
  • Make it Professional: Makes your text sound more professional.
  • Make it Friendly: Makes your text sound friendlier.
  • Make it Witty: Adds humor to your text.
  • Make it Longer: Makes your text longer.
  • Make it Shorter: Makes your text shorter.
  • Make it Simpler: Uses simpler language for better understanding.

Here's how it works:

  1. Type your text into a textbox.
  2. Click the Kommo AI button. A list of prompts will appear. Each option targets a specific rewriting goal.

  1. Selecting an option sends your text along with the prompt to a pre-trained AI model.
  2. The AI model rewrites your text based on the prompt and replaces the original text in the textbox. During this process, you can't edit the text.
  3. You can revert to the original text using the Undo changes button.


The AI Suggestions feature detects and recommends changes for common mistakes in texts, including profanity, grammar and spelling errors, and length. Let's look at a few examples to see how you can benefit from using Kommo AI Suggestions.

Profanity check

Have you ever made a typo that turned a word into something inappropriate? Kommo can help prevent those embarrassing moments.

Here's how it works:

  1. As you finish typing, Kommo scans your text for any potential profanities.
  2. If a profanity is detected, a button labeled Make it Professional appears without highlighting the specific mistake.

  1. Clicking the button rewrites the text to a more professional, appropriate version, similar to the AI Rewriter.
  2. Just like with the Rewriter, you can always revert to the original text using the Undo changes button.

Kommo AI acts as a safety net, catching typos before they become a bigger issue.

Grammar and spelling assistant

Kommo acts as your personal grammar and spelling checker, ensuring your messages are always perfect:

  1. As you type, Kommo AI scans your text for errors.
  2. Any spelling or grammar mistake will be highlighted.
  3. A button labeled Correct grammar & spelling appears next to the chatbox.

  1. Clicking the button automatically corrects the mistake using the AI's suggestion. The corrected text replaces the original, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

Built-in tone assistant

Maintaining a warm and positive tone in every message to customers can be challenging. Kommo analyzes your outgoing messages and suggests adjustments if they seem a bit too formal or negative. When a potentially unfriendly tone is detected, you'll see a suggestion button labeled Make it friendly. Clicking it rewrites the message in a more positive way.

Note: Kommo AI Suggestions that allow for fixing profanities, grammar, and spelling errors, and tone are available only for messages under 1800 characters in length.

Adjusting length

Writing clear and concise instructions can be tricky, especially on mobile devices. Kommo helps you keep things short and sweet!

If your message reaches a certain length (around 3000 characters), the Make it Shorter button automatically appears. Clicking it instructs the AI to shorten your text while keeping its key message.

Conversation summary

Juggling conversations with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of leads can be overwhelming. Kommo AI Summaries can generate short summaries of conversations for leads, making it easier for users to understand the main points of a conversation and identify any unanswered questions within it.

You'll find the Summarize button for it at the bottom of the conversation history in the lead.

Clicking it makes the AI generate the summary, which is then added as a note under the conversation history. Hovering over the right corner of the summary note reveals an option to delete it.

Note: This feature only works on individual conversations, not entire chats, since each conversation within one lead can be very different. However, Kommo allows searching through summaries on Enterprise accounts.

Suggested reply

Our Kommo AI Suggested replies feature helps you respond to client messages faster and more efficiently! Here's how it works:

  1. Upload into Kommo information about your products, services, or common FAQs. This creates a knowledge base Kommo can draw from. To learn how to do that, read our Kommo AI: Setting up, limits, and pricing.
  2. When you receive a message from a client, click on the chatbox in the deal menu. Kommo AI analyzes the message and your knowledge base.
  3. If Kommo AI finds relevant info, it'll suggest a reply above the chatbox. You can preview the text before pasting it.

  1. Review the suggestion, edit it if needed, and hit “Apply” to send the message.

Need more help setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@kommo.com or write to us via WhatsApp. You can also hire a Kommo partner to do all the hard work for you.

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