February 12, 2020

Utilizing analytics on your performance and workflows for your business is a big deal. That’s why Kommo tries to provide actionable and useful information that will help you better understand how to utilize our system, and how to improve your performance.

Win-Loss Analysis

In the “Stats” section of Kommo, the first report you’ll see is the Win-Loss Analysis. At the top of the page, you’ll see a lead stage analysis. Here you can see how many leads are in the stage, how many leads entered this stage over a certain time period, and how many were sent to Closed - Lost/Won.


Note: In the top left corner you’ll find a filter option that will help refine your reporting.

A bit lower you’ll find an Incoming lead and Prospective Sales Analysis. The first one will tell you how many leads arrived as an “incoming lead” and how many leads were passed to the official lead format. The second one will predict how many of your leads will convert based on two criteria; the actual sales recorded and how many leads were passed into the closed-won lifecycle.

Consolidated report

Consolidated report is an analytical report which will tell you information about Leads, Customers, Tasks and Contacts.

For Leads, you’ll be able to visualize the number of new leads in an easy to read graph. You can visualize side by side the amount of new leads generated in your pipeline compared to the number of leads who moved into Closed-Won. This can help you accurately measure your conversion rate. Below, an additional pie-chart is available that will show you a breakdown of the leads in your pipeline by stage, and how many leads you have per user.

For customers, you will see a short report on how much sales were expected during a certain time period. You will also see how many customers did not purchase. There is an additional metric on how many purchases were made based on the user.

For contacts and tasks, you will see basic information like tasks per type, per user and their general number.

Activity Log

Activity log is one of the most useful features reporting tools of all. It will tell exactly what was changed in your Kommo account, who changed and at what time. It has many filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for. For example, let’s say you want to see what your rep John has been saying to your customers. By filtering activity by user: John and event type: outgoing message, you can now easily find this information at a glance. You can also create custom filters, and even better when you hover over the number of events at the top right, you can create a dashboard widget to measure all data that is important for you in a simple and usable format.

Call report

Call report is the stats section that collects all information about calls that were made in your account. Things like who called, who answered, a recording of the call, call durations, and links to the contact or leads where calls were made. To start collecting this information, you’ll need to setup a calling integration.

Goal report

Goal report is a section that will help you set up goals for your team to measure how your company is performing and whether or not employees are meeting their goals. To set up a new goal, click on “Set goals” at the top right, and your settings will pop up.


In these settings, you can set up goals by year, quarter or month. You can also set goals by revenue standards, or how many leads they have to close within a certain time period.

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