Billing FAQs

I paid for a subscription plan upgrade but it didn’t apply?

You are able to change your subscription plan directly through the billing section in your account once your current plan expires.

If you wish to upgrade your subscription plan while you have another plan active, you can do so by contacting customer support in the Kommo chat found in your account (click on profile picture, in the bottom left corner a Contact Support button will appear) or by email at

Our team will be glad to help you upgrade your Kommo subscription plan.

Is it possible to add users with different plans?
A Kommo subscription is applied to the whole account. All of the users have the same subscription plan and it is not possible
to have users with different plans in the same account.
Can I subscribe for 1 month?
The miminum subscription for a Kommo account is 6 months.
For subscriptions of 9,12 and 24 months discounts apply. For more info on payment periods and discounts check out the billing section in your account: Settings > Billing
Is it possible to get a refund on my subscription?

Yes, in order to refund your remaining subscription contact the Kommo customer support team your account (click on profile picture, button will appear in the bottom left corner) or by email at

Once you confirm the refund, your account will be deactivated. Only account administrators can request a refund.