User Rights

February 13, 2020

Not every user needs to install integrations or access data that should only be viewed by the head of their department, that’s why in Kommo there are different user rights and roles, which help to restrict or allow access to sections of Kommo between users of the account.

Rights can be set up when adding a user or updated at any time by clicking on Settings, then going to the Users subsection to update the user rights.

Setting up User Rights

When adding a new user or clicking on existing user, you will see the following menu:


Here you can grant users permissions related to creating, viewing, editing, deleting, or exporting various data sets in the account such as leads/customers, contacts, companies, to-dos and the Incoming Leads section of your pipeline.

There are four different setting types: Red (Denied), Yellow/Orange (If Responsible), Blue (Team-wide Access), and Green (Allowed), which can be adjusted using the radio buttons.

A use case example: If a user is set as “if responsible” for view/edit/delete of leads and contacts/companies, they would only be able to see and update leads (or contacts/companies) that are assigned to them; the “responsible user”. This setting is useful if you want your sales representative to see only their leads/restrict the ability for the sales rep to see their co-worker’s leads.

Please note that Team-wide Access is used for groups of users. When adding a new user, you could assign them to a group, such as Sales Team, or Marketing Team. Then, with Team-wide access, you can segregate leads by the group.

For example, if a user is in the group Sales Team, with Team-wide Access the user could see all Sales Team leads, but they would not see the Marketing Team lead cards. Or, in this use case, the users in Marketing Team could see all leads assigned to a user of Marketing Team group, but they would not see the leads assigned to members of the Sales Team.

If you click on “Add special rights to the pipeline stage” you can set up permissions for the user in specific stage of one of the pipelines.

At the top section of this menu, you can click “Create a new role” to save a set of user rights rules as a preset. This new role can then be assigned to any existing user or new user.

Also at the bottom of the menu you will find two more options: Lists, and Access to Shared Inbox where you can grant or deny permissions to these sections.

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