Telegram: How to connect Telegram with Kommo

October 18, 2019

Introducing Telegram - a secure messaging platform giant. Telegram is a top messaging app, and it’s growing by the hour domestically and overseas with now hundreds of millions of users. Integrate Telegram chatbot with Kommo for two-way messaging opportunities within Kommo’s interface.

How to integrate Telegram

To connect Telegram, you have to make sure you have your Telegram chatbot created and its API key obtained and stored safely.

Preparing Telegram chatbot:

  1. Go to the Telegram app
  2. Search BotFather
  3. Text /start or simply press on the Start bar below
  4. Follow the instructions until you get Done-message with your API-key in it

Once your chatbot is set up, you are given a unique API key you can now use to connect your Telegram chatbot to Kommo. Store it safely, otherwise others will be able to access your account.

Note: you can only integrate a chatbot, not your personal account.

Connecting Telegram to Kommo:

  1. Go to Kommo’s Leads section and select a pipeline
  2. Enter the Setup mode
  3. Make sure Lead Sources to the left do not contain an already installed Telegram chat
  4. Press + Add Source

  1. Find Telegram and press + Add Source

  1. Press + Install

  1. Copy your API key, enter it down below, and press Save


And the Telegram integration is complete.

Mind that you can only connect one Telegram chat per pipeline. But you can setup up different Telegram chats for each pipeline to obtain leads from multiple sources and finetune your marketing strategies.

How to use Telegram with Kommo

The newly connected Telegram chatbot is now a source of new leads that will automatically show up in your pipeline under the Incoming Leads stage when someone messages your chatbot.

You will see that messages you receive via Telegram show up with a small Telegram icon right by the lead’s picture.

To answer the lead’s message:

  1. Open the lead card
  2. Choose Chat in the message box, and choose the contact’s name

  1. Enter your message or choose a template
  2. Press Send

You text your lead inside the lead card in Kommo, your lead texts you inside their Telegram app. That is how you communicate.


You can not only exchange text messages but also send each other files and pictures. Your Telegram lead can even send you reaction stickers and they will show up inside the lead card!

Note: access templates to create new ones or edit them in Kommo’s Settings > Communications > Response templates.

You can also link your Telegram lead to existing contacts by pressing Link inside of the lead card.

Accept or delete Telegram leads - accepted leads will be transferred to the first stage of your pipeline.

Using Salesbot with Telegram

You can use your Kommo Salesbot to send automatic replies to Telegram messages as well to your leads from other sources. You can set it up in any stage, including Incoming Leads.

Whenever your lead performs a certain action, or whenever you move the lead to or create it in a certain stage, they will receive a Salesbot message inside their Telegram app they will even be able to interact with. That takes much of the repetitive work off your shoulders and effectively speeds up the sales process. See the Salesbot article for more details.

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