Make (formerly Integromat): How to connect with Kommo

It may seem hard to understand what Make is, but once you start using it, it will totally change the way you run your business. It is a field with thousands of connections and integrations, and works for everyone – whether you have a small business or a huge enterprise.

In this article, you will be learning:

What is Make?

Make is a visual platform that lets you design, build, and automate anything – from simple tasks to complex workflows – in minutes. With Make, you can send information between Kommo and thousands of apps to boost your sales and close more deals.

Additionally, it allows you to add any available app as a source of leads, grab information about your clients and fill your database. It’s fast and easy to use, visually intuitive, and it requires zero coding expertise.

Its role is to seamlessly connect your apps/services, so you can concentrate on more important tasks that require human input, rather than repeating the same tasks again and again. Concentrate on what matters the most!

All you have to do is create a scenario that will watch for new data in one app/service, set-up the proceeding modules for the desired end result and Make will execute the task.

Kommo and Make integration has a bunch of different triggers, actions and searches that will make your work a lot simpler.

How to connect Make with Kommo?

It only takes a few steps to connect Kommo with Make:

    1. To get started, head over to the Make website and sign up for free.
    2. Once registered, click the ‘Create a new scenario’ button on the upper-right side of the window.


    1. Hit the plus button in the middle of the screen, type in Kommo in the search field, and select the app.


    1. Here, you have to mark Kommo as a trigger or an action. Trigger launches the process, while action performs the requested action. For example, try choosing ‘Create a Lead’ action.


    1. Now, you just need to connect your Kommo account. Click the ‘Add’ button and choose the connection type.


You have two options to choose from:

  • Kommo API-key
  • Kommo OAuth 2.0

We suggest you choose the second option – it’s easier and safer to connect.

6. Fill out the form of connection by providing your domain URL and you are good to go!

You can connect several of your Kommo accounts to transform data from one another or just add other app connections.

If you are wondering how to use connections, just start your journey by discovering the ready Make templates to get some inspiration. They will give you the idea of how you could benefit from the integrations.

Learn more about Make features in our Make – how to use article.

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