Twilio: Integrating text messaging

February 13, 2020

SMS messaging is a crucial feature when it comes to connecting with your customers. It can be even more important than messaging apps because if your customers don’t have access to the internet, then you can’t connect with them through messengers. For this reason, Kommo has developed Twilio Text Messaging integration.

Connecting Twilio Text Messaging

To get started, go to the Settings section and select the Integrations subsection. Select Twilio Text Messaging integration and click Install.

Fill in Account SID and Auth Token. You can find them in Account -> Keys & Credentials section inside your Twilio account.


After that, click Save. Please select your Messaging service or create a new one with a phone number that Twilio provides for you. Click Save and you’re good to go.

The capabilities of Twilio Text Messaging

When developing Twilio Text Messaging we thought, “why not merge messengers and SMS as one strong integration?”

Twilio Text Messaging works like any other messenger on our platform. It can work even with a Salesbot and AI. Additionally, given the fact that you have your customer’s phone number, you can contact them first. Just go to any lead, click on the phone number of your customer in the Work phone field and select the Twilio Text Messaging option.


Type your SMS message and that’s it.

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