Triggered Emails

February 11, 2020

Want to send out emails automatically? Use triggered emails (also known as automated emails) to push out personalized email messages based on the conditions you set.

How triggered emails work

Triggered emails use case

Imagine you want to send a discount offer email to all those leads that are still on the fence about your product. You could create a template email and automatically send it to all the leads that sit in the “decision-making” stage longer than 3 days.

How to set up triggered emails

To set up your first automatic email trigger, you’ll need:

  • Kommo (Advanced or Enterprise plan)
  • An email address that’s connected to Kommo
  • At least 1 template created in the Mail section

Got everything? Great, let’s get started.

Open the Leads section in the left menu bar

  1. To navigate to the Digital Pipeline, click Setup
  2. Find the stage you want to add the trigger and click on an empty slot
  3. Select “Send an email”
  4. A window will appear:

Within this window, choose:

  • The conditions for sending the email (e.g., all leads with a VIP tag)
  • When to execute the trigger
  • The email template to send
  • The sender (which user’s email address to send the message from)

Note: The email can be sent from two types of senders:

  1. An email address set up as personal. The owner of this email address will be set as the sender.
  2. An email address set up as shared. In this case, you must select which user to display as the sender.
  • OPTIONAL: Tick the box “Add a link ‘unsubscribe’ in the email” in order to allow the recipient to unsubscribe from all automatic emails sent from Kommo.
  • OPTIONAL: Tick the box “Apply the trigger to all leads already in the stage” in order to automatically send the email to leads that are already in the pipeline stage.

And that’s all there is to triggered emails!

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