Business Card Scanner

October 29, 2019

The Business Card Scanner in Kommo is an easy tool to create leads, contacts and companies, with just a couple of taps and camera magic. All data from a business card will import into a Lead automatically; the only thing you’ll need to do is to name the lead and after that you can start working with clients that gave you a card, using Kommo.

How to use the Business Card Scanner

First, you will need the Kommo mobile app, which you can download from the iTunes Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. If you search for Kommo, you will find the Kommo 2.0 mobile app.

To start using card scanner:

  1. Tap on the “+” symbol at the bottom of your mobile interface in leads section
How to use the Business Card Scanner

  1. Choose “Scan card to create a lead”. The app will ask you to allow use of camera on your phone.
Scan business card to create lead

  1. Hover your smartphone camera over a business card and click done, that’s it.
Business Card Scanner

  1. When the scan is complete, a lead card will open with all of the information from the card. You can then change fields and add a name to lead. Then just click “Save” and that Lead will be created.

Note: Contact and Company will be created automatically

Add Business Card to Kommo

Limitations of Business card scanner

At the moment only Spanish, English, and Russian languages are supported.

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