Custom fields

Kommo provides the ability to optimize your account by creating custom fields that fit your business needs. Our system gives you the option to choose from many different field types to keep your information concise and organized.

Creating a Custom Field

Creating a custom field is an easy process – it only takes a few clicks. There’s the possibility to create these fields for any section of our system – Lead, Contact, Company or Customer. In this example, we will create custom fields for the Lead section. However, the process is identical in any other segment of Kommo.

To start, please make sure you have admin rights in your Kommo account before you start. Now, let’s go to the Leads section and click on any lead you have. If you are just starting with Kommo – add a lead by either clicking ‘Quick add’ or ‘Create new lead’ button.

After you click on the Lead, click on the ‘Setup’ tab to the left of your screen and a template to create fields will open.

First of all, you will need to decide where the field will be created: Lead, Contact or Company. Scroll to the necessary section and press ‘+ Add field’ button.

The field settings mode will open – here you can:

  • Enter the name of a field
  • Set ‘only API’ mode – in this case, you will only be able to enter information inside this field by using our open API for developers.
  • Choose the field type
  • Decide if this field is required or optional.

We will talk about the last two settings more thoroughly in the next chapters.

When you are ready, press ‘Save’ and exit the template by clicking on the ‘x’ sign in the top right corner.

Please keep in mind that you can only choose the field type once. If you create a custom field and would like to change the type, you would need to delete the field and create a new one. Please also note that when you delete a custom field, all data associated with that field on all leads/contacts/companies in your account is also deleted.

If you followed all the instructions correctly, you will see this field in the Lead card and will be able to make changes to it.

Field types in Kommo

  • Text – this type of field allows you to write any field value: letters and numbers. If the text is long, then you will not see it entirely, and the “…” sign will be next to it, which indicates that part of the text is hidden.
  • Text area – in this field you can write letters and numbers – unlike the text field, the information will be shown in full (wrap-around text).

  • Numeric – a numeric field will only accept numbers. You can’t enter values ​​lower than 0, however, for negative numbers you can use the “Text” or “Text area” field.

  • Select – in this field type, you can specify multiple options to choose from. You will only be able to pick one value for a lead/contact or company after the field is created.

  • Multiselect – in this field type, you can specify multiple options to choose from. You will be able to pick multiple values after the field is created.

  • Date – in this field you can select a date from the calendar or enter it manually

  • Radio button – very similar to the ‘select’ field type but the options appear as radio buttons instead of a pull-down menu.

  • Url – in this field you can put a link that will lead you straight to a web page. To do this, click on the url and press ‘Go to’ and you will be directed to the right page.

  • Short address – in this field you can enter the address in any format. This field is smart – it can lead you straight to the entered address in Google maps. To do this, click on the address and press ‘View on map’.

  • Address – this splits the address into parts that are easier to read and filter

  • Birthday – a field of type “Date”. This field is smart – it allows you to automatically set the tasks to congratulate the client on their upcoming birthday. To do so, when setting up the field choose when to ‘Create a task’. You can choose to create the task ‘At time of the event’, ‘ A week before’ or ‘A month before’. Set the birth date in the Lead and press ‘Save’. The task will be created automatically:

  • Checkbox – Provides a toggle checkbox that can be used for a quick checklist item, such as “Subscribed?” or “Approved for loan?”

  • Juridical person – this field is made to keep the information about the Juridical person in Kommo. It’s split in three rows: name, ITIN(Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and IEC(Import Export Code). Once you enter the ITIN number – a note will be created automatically

  • Legal Name – A field that can be used to store a person’s full legal name or business entity name.

  • Optional or required field

    When creating a custom field in Kommo, you have the option to make it required for certain pipeline stages.To do this, in the field setting mode click on the ‘Optional’ field and choose from what stages forward the field should be required.

    This way, you and your users won’t be able to change the lead stage without filling in this field. For example, if I move my lead to the Contract Negotiations stage – I will get a message to fill in the required field. If you check the Closed-lost stage, users will not be able to close the lead if the field is empty

    Editing and deleting custom fields

    To edit a field, click on the ‘Setup’ tab again and click on the name of the field you would like to edit. Here you will be to edit the field name, set the ‘only API’ mode, choose if the field is required and change select options.

    Please note that you will not be able to edit the field type. This was developed in order to prevent unnecessary loss of information.

    Once you are happy with the changes, press Save – and you are done!

    To delete a field, click on the field name and press ‘Delete field’ in the bottom right corner. Please be VERY careful with field deletion – deleting a field will erase all associated information from all the leads in your account.

    Some fields are impossible to delete as they are default system fields. We will talk about them in the next chapter.

    System fields

    System fields are fields that Kommo has by default. It is not possible to delete or edit a system field. An example of a system field would be the ‘Sales value’ field. If you want to edit it, you will need to create another custom field and work with that field instead.

    Adding groups of fields

    You can split the lead fields into groups to reduce the amount of information in the main part of the card. To add a group, go to the Setup tab and press on the plus sign next to the group tabs on the right-hand side.

    Field group settings will appear. Here you can either add a new group or add an existing catalog to your leads.

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