Leads FAQs

Why I cannot add new leads?

If the add new lead button is grayed out in your account this can mean one of the following things:

    • Your Kommo subscription or trial account has expired
    • You have exceeded the number of available active users according to your plan
    • You have exceeded the available number of contacts and leads

You will be able to diagnose the issue by going to Settings -> Billing.
In the top you can read a comment on the status of your account.
Depending on the cause, you can unblock the account by disabling a user, deleting leads or making a new subscription.

I connected the sources but I still don’t receive leads?

In case you don’t receive leads even if you have correctly installed the messengers, make sure you have enabled the incoming leads stage in your pipeline.

  1. In the Leads tab click on Setup pipeline.
  2. In the left side of the interface click on the Incoming Leads slider button
  3. The Incoming leads stage is activated
  4. It will appear in the pipeline as soon as you receive the first lead
I deleted some leads, can I get them back?

Yes, leads deleted in the last 30 days can be restored. In order to restore deleted leads:

  1. Go to your pipeline and select the list pipeline view.
  2. Click on Search and filter and select Deleted.
  3. All of the leads deleted in the last 30 days will be visible here
  4. You can restore them by clicking on the checkbox and selecting restore
Which user gets assigned to new leads in the Incoming leads stage?
New leads that show up in the Incoming leads stage don’t have a default responsible user.
The first user to interact with the lead (accept it) will be assigned to it. The responsible user can also manually assigned.
I experience issues when uploading a new file

This usually means that you have exceeded your account storage limit. You can free up storage by:

  • Deleting files
  • Upgrading your subscription plan
  • Adding more users to the account