February 12, 2020

Lists is a simple functionality that can make working in Kommo that much easier.

Pre-created lists

In Kommo there are two kinds of lists that are already here once you first register for Kommo. These are pre-created lists, there can also be custom ones.

For pre-created lists, it’s Contact, Companies and All contact and Companies. These have all of your contacts and companies listed separately, or together. These are simple lists that will keep your Kommo account organized.

There is an additional feature for these lists which is called “Business Processes.” To open these settings, click on three dot menu, in contacts or company lists, and a settings window will open.


This feature automates the creation of tasks for both company or contacts created within your Kommo account. To begin, click on “Add process.”


Here you’ll be able to choose whether you want tasks to be automatically created when a contact is added. You’ll be able to select when the task is due, the type of task, who the task is responsible for, and comments for the task. Once you’re done, just click and save. Simple as that.

Custom lists

To create a custom list, click on the list name or hover your mouse over the lists icon. At the bottom of this menu, click the button “Add list.” You’ll need to name your list first before it is created. Here you can create elements, delete them, or edit them. You can also categorize these elements.

To use the categories feature, please click on the three dot menu at the top right. Once the menu is pulled up, click “Category.” You will see a setting menu pop up.


Just select the name of the category and click save. Now, if you open any element editing screen, you’ll see a new field “Category” appear.


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