Calendly: How to connect Calendly with Kommo

February 20, 2020

Calendly is a software which helps you easily schedule meetings. Connect it with Kommo, and every time someone schedules a meeting with you, an automatic lead and a task will be created in your pipeline. Neat right? 🧐

In this article, you will learn:

How to connect Calendly

Adding Calendly to Kommo takes just a few clicks. 👍

  1. In your Kommo account, go to Settings > Integrations and find the Calendly integration by simply writing 'Calendly' in the search bar.
  2. Click “Install” and don’t forget to check the box to accept Kommo’s privacy policy and gain access to your account.
  3. Once installed, click “Sign in” and authorize your Calendly account.
Calendly dashboard API key

  1. After authorization is done, select task type and manager for which tasks will be created by default. Click save and you are all done.
Install Calendly in Kommo

Simple as that. 😎

How to use the Calendly integration?

Adding Calendly to your Kommo account can be a great tool for automatic lead capture.

Whenever someone schedules a meeting with you in your Calendly, a new lead with a task will be automatically created in your Incoming leads stage.

Kommo Incoming leads stage

Once you accept a new Calendly lead, a new contact will be added to Lists > Contacts.

When making an appointment with Calendly, you have the option to set up distributions using the Round Robin algorithm for both individual and group appointments. This algorithm selects a single user from the group to schedule an appointment and assigns them a task in their Calendar section in Kommo.

With the 'Responsible User' settings, you can choose who will receive tasks:

  • all users available for appointments in Calendly - in this case, when a task is received by a new user, the responsible person for the transaction, contact, or customer will change according to the received task.
  • the user who is responsible for the transaction, contact or client - in this case, only the user who is responsible for the specific transaction, contact, or client will be affected.
Task in a Kommo lead card

In your Dashboard, new Calendly meetings will be added to your Active Leads and Tasks widget.

Every new activity related to Calendly meetings will be displayed in Stats > Activity Log, so you can keep track of new events and changes

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