Facebook Messenger: How to connect with Kommo

Facebook Messenger is the key to connecting with billions of people across the world. Integrate it with Kommo to establish a convenient, two-way channel of communication with your customers, and reach them where they communicate the most.

It’s super easy to integrate, too.

How to integrate Facebook Messenger

Before you begin: note that due to Facebook’s policies, only business pages can be connected to third-party software (including Kommo).

It is not possible to integrate your personal page.

To connect Facebook Messenger to your Kommo account, go to the Leads section and press the Setup button in the top right corner. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Under Lead sources, select + Add source button

    Click + Add source button

  2. Select Facebook Messenger and click Add source

    Select Facebook Messenger

  3. Click on the login icon and connect your Facebook account. Important: Your Facebook account must have a primary email set and verified (read our step-by-step instructions).

    Login in your facebook

  4. Once connected, select the business page you’d like to connect

And that’s all. You’re good to go!

Connecting multiple business pages

Connecting Facebook Messenger (or any messenger) is a unique process for every pipeline. If you have several pipelines, you can connect different business pages to each one of them.

Do note: the same business page cannot be used on multiple pipelines.

Engagement button with Facebook Messenger

You can also connect Facebook Messenger by using the Engagement button. With it, your customers can message you directly from your website.

To install the Engagement button, again, proceed to the Leads section and press the Setup button in the top right corner. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Under Lead sources, select + Add source button
  2. Select Engagement button and press + Add source


  3. Drag and drop the Facebook Messenger icon to Engagement button slot


  4. Click on the Facebook Messenger icon to select the active business page

Configure the Engagement button as you see fit, and then follow the on-page instructions to install it on your website.

How to use Facebook Messenger with Kommo

The integration itself allows you to receive messages from your clients that visit either your business page or use the Engagement button on your website.

Accepting, deleting or linking contacts

New messages will be visible in the Incoming leads stage of your pipeline. Each sender will have their own unique chat. You can reply to an incoming message by opening the lead card and selecting Chat in the feed at the bottom of the page.

Slect Chat

If a contact already exists in the database, you can link the chat to their contact card. Do it by pressing Link and finding the correct contact in the search bar.

Click on Link button
Find the lead
Should you decide to accept an incoming lead, it will be transferred to the first stage of your pipeline. If you delete it, the incoming lead will only be recreated with all the chat history if they write to you again. If the same person writes to different connected FB pages, several incoming leads will be created.

Do note: outgoing messages sent directly via Facebook Messenger or via FB profile won’t be added to the chat conversation in the lead card. Incoming messages will still be synced, however.

Sending multiple chat messages at the same time

Need to send a message to a group of users simultaneously? Do the following:

  1. Go to the Leads section
  2. Select the List view in the top left corner (next to the name of your pipeline)
  3. Check the leads you’d like to message
  4. Press the send message button and enter your message

    Click on Send message

  5. Hit the Send button

    Click Send button

You can add tags to all leads that will receive the message. If you check To All Found, it will send a message to all leads that have prior chat conversations.

Using the Salesbot with Facebook Messenger

Looking to enjoy the Salesbot and the time it will save for your team? If so – you’re awesome! Here’s how it works with Facebook Messenger:
With the Salesbot enabled, all new conversations will appear in the Incoming leads stage of your pipeline. In case you’d like the leads to be created at another stage of the pipeline, you can adjust that in the Salesbot settings.

Do note: in case you use third-party integrations (like ManyChat, Chatfuel, etc), only incoming messages will be synchronized. Outgoing chat messages won’t be synchronized due to differences in data types and chatbot actions.

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​​Possible problems/solutions

Here are some tips on how to deal with common problems.

Cannot connect your Facebook account and/or business page?

Please make sure your account meets the following requirements:

    • You must be the admin of the business page/group in order to connect it properly.

  • Your Facebook account must have an associated verified email address and the email address should be chosen as “Primary” in the “Contact” field.

How to add and verify a Facebook email

To check that click on the drop-down sign in the right top corner, then click Settings & Privacy -> Settings -> General.

settings and privacy facebook

If the “Contact” field has a phone number instead of an email, click on the field to add one.

checking email facebook

Do not forget to verify your email once added – Facebook account cannot be connected to Kommo before that.

Can’t send out Stripe payment links?

In order to send Stripe payment links, make sure to add links’ domain to the whitelist in the Facebook page settings -> Messenger Platform -> Whitelisted Domains.

Can’t connect more than one Facebook account?

You can connect only one Facebook account (and all associated business pages) to a single Kommo account. Your Facebook account will be disconnected if you try to connect it to another Kommo account (although it will connect to a new account successfully).

Can’t send more than one file in the chat?

Please note that you can’t send more than one file in one chat message.

Need more help in setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@kommo.com or write to us on Facebook.

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