Jotform: How to integrate Jotform

December 2, 2020

JotForm is a super powerful platform for creating forms. And it’s not because it is powerful that it isn’t simple to use. JotForm is highly intuitive and has a very user friendly interface. So, if your intention is to create basic forms, you’re safe; if you intend to build a complex system of questions (and conditions) with a wide array of presets - that will make your life easier -, a customizable layout, reports and much more, you’re totally covered! ✨

JotForm also allows you to share and expose your forms in various different ways, on your own website/platform or social medias.

Incoming lead from JotForm

How to install

As a starting point, you’ll need a JotForm account, it has loads of free features. If you don’t have a JotForm account yet, you can create it here

Then follow the steps on your Kommo web app:

  1. On Leads, go to “Setup” (up right) to access your digital pipeline
  2. Click on “+ Add source” (on your left)
  3. Scroll down to Widgets, find “JotForm” and click on “+ Install”
Installing JotForm widget

  1. Accept the privacy policy and click to install
Accept the terms to install JotForm

  1. Follow the steps on screen to integrate
Camp for the API key JotForm

Create a new api key in JotForm website

After connecting your JotForm account to the CRM, you will be able to customize the way your forms are imported.

Edit the information of forms from JotForm

How to use it

Since JotForm is a “Lead capture” type of integration, whenever a person submits one of the forms you’ve created, it will be shown as an Incoming lead on your first Pipeline.

The fields of your forms are imported to the already-existing fields of the Lead Cards, that’s why you should customize each of them, clicking on “Edit” when you’re finished connecting your JotForm account to the CRM. But don’t worry, you will only need to do it once per form.

When a Lead from a form is created, you can click it on the pipeline and finish editing the lead if necessary, or move it to the next stage and start working on it 😉

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