Facebook Form: Instant leads form integration

October 25, 2019

Get instant leads with Facebook Instant Lead form! It’s a great tool for lead generation (no wonder we have it in Kommo!) and setting it up is a piece of cake.

To get started with the integration, you will need:

  • Facebook business manager
  • Active ads campaign on Facebook
  • Facebook instant lead form in one of your ads

Let’s start with the Facebook lead form:

How to create a Facebook Lead form

To create a Facebook Lead form, open your ads campaign on Facebook, set the objective as Lead generation (or create one).


Next, set up your adset with desired parameters and proceed to ad creation. During the editing of the ad, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Instant form option.

Click on “Create Lead Form”.


You’ll be offered to create a new form or duplicate an existing form. In our case, we’re going to build one, so let’s choose “New Form” and click “Next”


Set up your form the way you like it.


Let’s run through all of the options here.

  • Form type - Choose whether are you going to have one additional screen just before Thank You Screen or not. This screen is for the users to confirm the data they entered is correct.
  • Intro - Optional area, where you can select the headline and other features.
  • Questions - Set-up the fields users will have to fill out in order to successfully submit your form
  • Privacy Policy - Paste the link to your Privacy Policy, in order for your client to review it before they submit the form
  • Thank you - The last screen your client will see with the Headline, Description and the button

Once you’re finished, just click Save and then click Finish. Your form is good to go. Run it!

Time to connect your form to Kommo.

Connecting Instant form to Kommo

Note: You will need to integrate your Facebook with Kommo in order to make Facebook integrations work. In your Facebook account, you should have an email integrated. To check is your email connected or not.

  1. Go to Facebook
  2. Click on Settings

  1. Check your Contact, you should have your email here

And now let’s go to the Setup section in the Leads section of your Kommo account.


You should see the stages of your pipeline on the right and your lead sources on the left. To add a Facebook form, click on “Add source” and select “Facebook form”.



Click add source and select your business page where you set up your Facebook form and then select the desired Facebook form.


Now you can see all of the fields you set-up in “Questions” section of the Facebook form.


Match the form fields to the desired fields in Kommo.


In the Form customization tab, you can select the lead stage where the captured lead will go, as well as decide if tags should be added to it.

Click save and everything will be installed successfully. Here’s how a successful integration looks like:


Need more help in setting up or troubleshooting? Contact us by sending an email to support@kommo.com or write to us on Facebook.

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