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// In brief

After implementing a CRM for wholesale, Hersh Glueck — the founder of Hero Time, a board game maker located in Hong Kong — increased leads in just 5 months.


Hersh Glueck had all the right ingredients for launching his own business. He had a successful career spanning the globe and even held a post as a lecturer in international business at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.

Before leaving his job to become an entrepreneur, he thought a lot about which direction was lucrative and the right fit for him. In the end, he decided to join the board game industry.

He founded Hero Time, a board game maker located in Hong Kong that offers creators and publishers manufacturing liaison services for their game. It’s the first foreign-owned enterprise in China to deal with the manufacturing of board games. The company offers a large variety of wholesale board games for buyers, retailers and amazon sellers.

Hero Time: is a board game maker that offers creators and publishers manufacturing liaison services for their game. Find out more about Hero Time >

Hersh’s primary mission has always been to provide customers the best service through excellent communication. For this reason, being able to communicate with leads and customers on all platforms, particularly messengers, became his priority. “I wanted to communicate with my customers on all platforms,” he says.

“I wanted to communicate with my customers on all platforms.”

  • Hero Time
  • Game Manufacturing
  • Hong Kong
Features used
  • KommoFORM
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Email
Kommo Plan
  • Base

The challenge

😕Obstacle #1 Finding a text messaging solution

Hersh explains that he doesn’t like to use emails with customers because they’re too formal. Instead, he wanted customers to feel that they can chat with him casually on whatever topics they needed. However, finding a solution that had all messengers was very challenging because no CRM software solved his problem.

“I needed a CRM for wholesale that would record all my conversations with the customer on all platforms. No other CRM could offer it. They offered it, but in a bizarre way.”

😒Obstacle #2 Staying organized

Another challenge that Hersh faced was controlling the chaos of growing a new business and working with customers. “It was my biggest challenge because I'm not the most organized person in the world. I'm actually quite all over the place,” he explains, “I would be talking to one lead on Facebook and another lead on Instagram and with someone else via email or WhatsApp. It was just too much.”

That’s why he started looking for a tool to help: “I needed a CRM for wholesale to help me track my customers and everything that I do. All my interactions with them. So that's why I started looking for a CRM.”

“I needed a CRM for wholesale to help me track my customers and everything that I do. All my interactions with them. So that's why I started looking for a CRM.”

🤯Obstacle #3 Finding user-friendly CRM

But deciding you need a sales platform is just the first step. Hersh realized that finding CRM for wholesale that fit his needs wasn’t easy. He tried Bitrix24, HubSpot, Odoo CRM, Agile CRM and Zoho, but they all had their pros and cons. They either lacked messaging services, were too expensive or difficult to work with.

Hersh also says that with some CRMs, there was a lot of copy-and-pasting, making the workflow very monotonous. “It was a waste of time,” he says.

board game

How Hero Time increased leads in 5 months

Today, Hersh interacts with his customers via various messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. He’s also planning to add Viber and more chat apps.

Hersh explains that he attracts new customers by posting tips and articles on social media and encouraging people to reach out and text him via messengers. His approach of being available and ready to help is a smart strategy in the often long and confusing process of manufacturing overseas.

“Hey, how are you? I finished making my game. Can you please help me? Can you consult and tell me what aspects I need to consider for manufacturing?”

Unlike other CRMs, Hersh explains that Kommo has been very user-friendly: “You have the tags on the left, and you only have a few of them. You have a dashboard. You have some leads. You have lists. You have email. You have the settings — and that's it.”

Hersh further highlights Kommo’s simplicity, saying: “I can click on any lead and see all the information about it, view the history of communication and tasks that were assigned.”

According to Hersh, the 3 most essential things in Kommo are that:

  • It’s simple
  • It has messengers
  • It has excellent support

The result

Although Hersh is still working on accomplishing his goals with Kommo, it has already proven to be highly useful. He notes, “Before I found a proper CRM for wholesale and before I started using Kommo, I used to forget my leads, I used to lose them. I did a terrible job.”

What has delivered the biggest impact, Hersh explains, is that he can now contact his customers directly. With Kommo, Hero Time increased the number of incoming leads, which all came through marketing that Hersh has done on Facebook, Instagram and other places. The game wholesaler has also won four sales in the past two months, which is a big deal when his average sales cycle is 6 months. “It's a very long manufacturing process,” he explains.

“I’ve got four sales in the past two months which for me is a big deal.”

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