How to create a Salesbot

February 20, 2020

Worried that you can’t handle high volumes of requests, or it’s too pricey to get assistants to have your customers covered 24/7? We have a perfect solution for you!

Let our Salesbot do the job in your stead while you’re focused on something more urgent or when you simply don’t want to repeat the same process over and over again with hundreds of customers.

In this article, you will learn:

What is a Salesbot?

The Salesbot is a fantastic addition to any messenger-based sales or marketing effort of your company. Wide range of functions allow the Salesbot to tackle the first steps your customers take when reaching out to you through messengers. It doesn’t require coding skills to get started – thanks to the visual interface.

Salesbot can do actions with leads and contacts, answer in chats automatically, use natural language processing (NLP) to determine user intent, and much more. It supports all available messengers. However, unfortunately, sending messages with buttons in WhatsApp is not supported at the moment. Everything else works great, though!

This feature is available starting with the Advanced plan.

How to create a Salesbot in the Visual editor

Be sure to connect at least one messenger platform before you get started with the Salesbot creation.

Do note: should you wish to write the code yourself, click on the View code button. If you make some changes inside the code, you won’t be able to open this particular Salesbot in the Visual editor anymore. However, you are able to see the code and come back if you have not made any changes.

To begin with building a Salesbot, head over to Chats > Templates & Bot > Salesbots

Chat configure

Bots salesbot

Here, you’ll find a list of created Salesbots (if there are any), so you can edit them or create a new one. You can also simply import your Salesbots - let’s say from another account, by clicking the ‘import bot’ button.

Salesbot section

Besides that, you can see Salesbot usage statistics and the events that launch your Salesbot - we call these “triggers”.

Now, let’s create your first Salesbot!

When you click the “Create a new bot” button, a presets window will pop up. Here you can choose and customize a Salesbot that we created for you, or create your own by choosing Blank bot

Presets window

Bot Presets

Let’s start with presets and take a look at “Duty hours bot” - this one will respond to your clients when you’re off work.

Once you click “Apply”, the Salesbot editor window will open.

Visual editor

With a preset, you can simply click “Save & Continue” and start using the Salesbot right away if it fits your business process,

Save and continue

or customize it according to your needs - change text, add a new step, or delete an existing one.

Rename edit bot

For instance: we want to change 9 am to 10 am and add a “Request a call” button,

Change text

Request call

and ask the Salesbot to remind us to call a client once we’re back in the office. For that, we’ll set the Salesbot to request a client’s phone number by Add next step > Message and type in “Please provide your phone number”.

Next step

Provide number

Then, we’ll validate the client's answer. In this case, we want to be sure that the phone number was provided, so we go to Add action > Validation > If client’s message contains phone.


Contains phone

Finally, the Salesbot will set up a follow-up task for us, which can be set up by pressing Add next step > Action > Add task and then we stop the Salesbot by clicking Add next step > Stop the bot.

Add task

Stop bot

That’s it, we’re ready to go!

Building Salesbot from scratch

If you want to build your own Salesbot, go to the top of the Salesbot presets window, choose ‘Blank bot’ and click ‘Start from scratch’.

Start from scratch

You can now form the logical steps your Salesbot will take, based on the conversation you want your customers to have with it.

To add a Salesbot step, click on the step that is perfect for you and enter the required parameters. Clicking on the ‘…’ button in the top right corner of the action window will let you rename, duplicate or delete the action.

Edit bot

You can remove the link between Salesbot steps by pressing on the connecting dot and decoupling it.

Disconnect steps

Stopping the Salesbot is the last step of every sequence. Upon reaching it, the Salesbot will cease function, unless the structure of the Salesbot’s steps is configured to be recurring.

To learn more about Salesbot steps and actions check out Salesbot steps and action types.

Do note: each Salesbot step has its own number. It’s best to structure the sequence in a progressive order. E.g: step 1, step 2, step 3, etc.

How to code a Salesbot yourself

Our Salesbot is more than what can be made in the Visual Editor. You can easily code it yourself, build it according to your needs, and play with it’s functionality! With its superior flexibility, it can totally change your business. Want to know more about what you can do with the Salesbot? Check out our developer knowledge base.

After your Salesbot is ready, choose ‘Save & Continue’ to save it. Once you click the button, a new window called “set up the trigger” will pop up on your screen and there you can configure the Salesbot logic.

There, you can decide on when Salesbot be activated in ‘When this happens’ or choose particular group of people that Salesbot will be answering to by setting up the ‘For all Leads with’ section.

You can also set the active hours for your Salesbot and choose the messages it sends to be marked unanswered to make it easy for you to catch up with the conversation. Detailed information on setting your Salesbot can be found in Configuring the Salesbot settings.

Salesbot examples

The Salesbot can be used for a great variety of purposes. For instance, we (Kommo) used our own Salesbot to register people for the amoCONF conference. Our Salesbot requested the participant’s email address and phone number, as well as handled other automations in our digital pipeline. We used Salesbot to distribute our book about Messenger-Based Sales called “Delivered” to our interested customers. The only limitation of using the Salesbot is your own imagination. The Salesbot is a tool that can help you run your business and handle your clients on autopilot, all the while you can relax and enjoy your life.

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