Viber: How to connect Viber with Kommo

February 12, 2020

Viber is a powerful tool to connect with people across the world. To establish a convenient, two-way channel of communication with your customers through Viber, you can integrate with Kommo.

Begin connecting Viber to Kommo

To begin, go to Leads > Setup button. From there, under Lead sources, click + Add source button.


Select Viber and click Add.


  1. Go on the install icon and connect your Viber account
  2. Proceed to Viber admin panel
  3. Click on Create Bot Account
  4. Fill out the form for a new account
  5. From there, click Save and Viber will generate a Token for you to copy
  6. Return to Kommo and paste “Viber API token field” to integration window

And that’s it!

Viber works with Salesbot, AI power-up, Response templates and with any features available for messengers.

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