GoTo Connect: How to connect with Kommo

July 26, 2022

GoTo Connect is a complete business telephone system that allows your team and your customers to communicate using the Internet. By integrating it with Kommo, you will be able to make calls with a click and keep all the information about the calls inside the lead cards. 

In this article, you will be learning:

How to connect GoTo Connect

Note: To be able to use the integration, make sure that you have a GoTo Connect account. 

Installing the widget can be a little tricky. Make sure to have both your Kommo and GoTo Connect accounts open in different nearby tabs. 

First, head over to the Settings - Integrations inside your Kommo account and choose the GoTo Connect widget in the Calling section.

Settings integrations

Accept the privacy policy and click install. 

Next, open your GoTo Connect account and after signing in, follow this link to create a new client by clicking on the ‘Create a new client’ button.

Create client

On the next page, put the client name and paste the URL address from the widget window in Kommo. Then, you can click next in both Kommo and GoTo Connect accounts.

Copy URL

In the scopes step of creating a new client in GoTo Connect, select the ‘Admin center’ and ‘GoTo Connect’ boxes from the options provided. Finally, when you hit save, you will be provided a ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client secret’.

Copy codes

You have to copy these codes and paste them into corresponding fields of the widget in Kommo.

Paste codes

Note: Your client secret will only be generated once. If you don’t manage to paste it, you’ll have to start over.

When you are done pasting the links, you have to grant permission to your Kommo account. For this, click next in the widget and follow this link. Click allow and go back to your Kommo account. Just hit next and you will find the last stage where you need to match your Kommo and GoTo Connect users so they can make and receive calls using their assigned phone numbers.

Match users

When you match the users, click Done and you are ready to go!

Recording permissions

To make sure your calls are recorded in Kommo, enable recording calls in your GoTo Connect account.

Note: Recording calls feature is not available for trial accounts. If you are using the trial version of GoTo Connect, you won’t be able to record your calls in Kommo too.

To grant permission to record calls, go to your GoTo Connect account, and click ‘Go to the Admin Center’ action.

Admin center

In the Admin center, head over to Phone system - Phone numbers and choose the number that you are planning to use.

Phone number

Next, select the Settings - Recording subsection. There, you will be able to enable recording for incoming and/or outgoing calls.

Recording on off

How to use GoTo Connect

Once you have installed the widget and configured all the settings, now you can make and receive calls inside Kommo. To make a call, just click on the phone number in the Lead profile and choose GoTo Connect. You will be automatically directed to the dialer.


When the call is finished, you will find information about the date and status of the call in the Lead card. You can also listen to the records or download them if needed.

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