Cloudtalk: How to connect with Kommo

August 4, 2022

Cloudtalk is a communication platform that helps growing businesses expand beyond local territories. Integration with Cloudtalk allows you to keep everything about your calls inside the Lead cards, making it much easier to catch up with your correspondence history.

In this article, you will be learning:

How to install Cloudtalk

Note: Before you start installing the widget, please make sure that you have a valid Cloudtalk account. You can create a free trial account at this link.

You can install the integration in a few minutes. To install the widget, head over to the Settings - Integrations and select Cloudtalk in the Calling section.

Settings integrations Cloudtalk

Accept the privacy policy and click install. Next, you have to enter the API ID and API secret codes from your Cloudtalk account. You can find them at Account - Settings - API keys of your CloudTalk profile.

Copy keys cloudtalk

Copy the codes and paste them into corresponding fields and click continue.

Paste keys cloudtalk

Next, you have to match the Kommo and Cloudtalk users so they can receive and make calls using their assigned phone numbers. When you finish matching the user, just click save.

Match users cloudtalk

You are now connected to your Cloudtalk account!

How to use Cloudtalk

All new inbound calls are turned into Incoming Leads in your first pipeline. After you finish the call, all the information will appear inside the Lead card. You will also be able to listen and download the call records.

Listen Download calls

To make calls from Kommo, you need to install the CloudTalk Phone app on your PC. For this, please follow the link and download the app. Then, sign in with your CloudTalk account details. When it is ready, you can go to the Lead card and initiate a call by just clicking the lead phone number and selecting the ‘call using Cloudtalk’. This way, you will be automatically directed to the webphone.

Click to call

You can also make calls from the List section in the same way.

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