Ringcentral: Integrating calls

October 18, 2019

RingCentral is a global enterprise cloud calling solution, famous for its stability and flexibility. Integrating Kommo with RingCentral is a great way to help your sales team streamline their communication with leads and customers.

Do note: to use RingCentral with Kommo, you will need a RingCentral account. If you don’t have an account yet, please read RingCentral article on how to get started.

How to connect Ring Central to Kommo

Before you begin: note that you need to be a superadministrator of your RingCentral account in order to connect the integration. Regular users won’t be able to connect it. On top of that, you need a Premium or Ultimate RingCentral account.

To begin, do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings section in your Kommo account
  2. Select Integrations and search for RingCentral
  3. Click on it and press the Install button

  1. Enter your login credentials

  1. Click “Authorize” after reading the privacy policy

Be sure to add your extension numbers at the integration page to ensure the integration works correctly.

How to use RingCentral

If you have connected RingCentral successfully, a phone icon will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen when you open a lead card.

Click on the phone number of your contact and click Call to initiate a call. Alternatively, pressing on the phone icon will open a dial pad, where you can dial a number and call it.

Once the call is started, you will see a call duration at the bottom of the page. Pressing on the red dot will pause the call recording, and clicking on the microphone icon will mute your microphone.


Once the call is finished, a window with the Call result will pop up. In it, you can replay the call recording, and add a note or a task to the lead card.

Do note: in case your call was not recorded, make sure call recording is enabled in RingCentral settings. You can find this setting at RingCentral administration panel > Phone system > Auto-Receptionist - Call recording > Enable automatic call recording.

In case you received a call from a number not attached to a lead or a contact, we recommend you to link it to the contact you received it from. It will be automatically associated with it next time you receive a call from this number.

Making calls with or without WebRTC

There are two ways you can make calls with RingCentral - with WebRTC enabled and without it.

Making calls with WebRTC

This option is enabled by default. There are no differences in functionality described in the “How to use RingCentral” section of the article.

Making calls without webRTC

To use the integration in this mode, you need to download a softphone program. Apart from that, the calls will be logged in the system within 20 minutes after the call is made.

Missed calls will also be shown differently.

  • If the phone number already belongs to a contact in Kommo, a new task will be added with a missed deadline, set for the time when the call occurred
  • If the phone number does not belong to a contact in your account, an incoming lead will be created in the Incoming Leads stage of your pipeline

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