Lead profile

April 24, 2023

In Kommo each new lead gets a profile, where you can log all the important information about a particular client and keep track of your conversation history with them.

Inside a lead profile you can find all the information about the lead including their contacts, company details and more. You can also find in the lead profile, your tasks, notes, emails, products, contacts, call recordings and all conversations. When you need to find information, just scroll up the feed or use the search button.

A lead profile can be accessed by just clicking on the lead in your leads section.


On the right side, you can find a tab with all the information about the lead:

  • Contact info (name, position, company, telephone number, email, etc)
  • Pipeline stage
  • Responsible user
  • Their sale
  • Tags
  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • and more

You can edit them all by just clicking on them.


You can also create custom fields in the lead profile to help you keep other important information. Just select Setup and click + to add a new field, and configure it according to your preferences.


To view statistics for the current lead, simply navigate to the Stats tab. On the right-hand side, you'll find the feed where all your emails, calls, messages, notes, tasks, and more are logged.


To compose a new message, just click on the action box and start typing. Here are some useful shortcuts:

  • Click the upward arrow to switch between chat messages, emails, tasks, and notes.
  • Use the backspace key to change the lead's contact or select a teammate to send messages to.
  • Type "/" to access templates or run bots.
  • Use brackets "[" to insert placeholders.
  • Use "@" to mention your teammates.

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