January 30, 2020

Tags are very convenient for quickly finding contacts, leads or companies. By assigning a tag, it is even more simple to manage leads in Kommo. Tags are fantastic when it comes to automation. Separate the leads or contacts with tags and ensure only the right leads to trigger automatic actions!

Creating and using tags

You can create tags in two different ways:

  • In the entity interface
  • Massively for 2 or more entities at the same time

To create a tag in an entity, just open it and at the top section just below the name of the lead (and near ID of the lead) you’ll find #ADD TAGS button. Click on it and start writing the name for your new tag, then click on the option that appears and your tag will be created, no need to click save as it’s saved automatically, and to remove just click on it a few times

Note: If you delete a tag from all leads it won’t be deleted from the account. This article will also describe how to delete tags completely.

Tags EN 1

To add tags en masse please select multiple items in the list view and click edit tags

Tags EN 2

You will see a modal window where you can select a tag for all of these entities or create a new one by just typing it in a search field, choose tags that you need and then click “Save”

Search by tags

To search by Tags, open the search window by clicking Search and filter in Leads or Lists view. On the right, you will see the Tags section of the search window. Click on at least one tag and click on the Apply button and you will see entities by this tag. Near every tag you’ll also see a number - this represents how many times a tag has been used in this pipeline or list.

Tags EN 3

If you select more than one tag you will see additional buttons appear near tags. Clicking the X will unselect tags. The “And” / “Or” options are for setting search conditions. For example, you can use “And” if you want to see leads that have both tags, whereas the “Or” option shows leads that have at least one of the tags selected.

Tags EN 4

Tags do attach to the pipeline in the “Leads” section. For example, you create a tag in the №1 pipeline and it will be displayed in the filter of this pipeline. If you go to the №2 pipeline, then this tag will not be displayed in the pipeline’s filter, even if the lead with the tag is transferred from the №1 pipeline to №2 one. To see tags of all leads in the filter, go to “All leads”.

Managing Tags

If you have admin access you can delete tags from the system and also prevent users from creating new tags. To do so, open Customers, lists or leads and click on search than in tags section of the search click on Manage.

Tags EN 5

You will see a modal window that opens where you can delete tags or prevent users from creating them

Tags EN 6

Note: At the moment it’s not possible to change the name of an existing tag. If you’d like to fix an existing tag, create a new tag with the correct name, search for all the leads with the wrong tag, and assign the new tag to them. Remove the old tag and delete it.

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