Announcing Kommo’s new AI features

June 3, 2024

3 min.

📢 Using ChatGPT for work is now the new hype. At Kommo, we believe the most effective way to break through this hype is to provide our clients with exciting and trending features. Today, we’re introducing Kommo AI to help teammates write and work faster.

Introducing our AI features

1. Kommo AI: Rewriter

The first feature we’ve developed is the Rewriter. Editing text and adjusting its tone can be tiring when dealing with different clients and their needs. The Rewriter feature excels at helping you craft the perfect message. Here’s what the Rewriter can do for you:

Correct Grammar & Spelling

This feature ensures that everything you type is correctly spelled, with the correct grammar and punctuation.

Kommo AI: Correct Grammar & Spelling feature

Make it Professional

It’s underestimated how much time support and sales teams can spend typing responses. You won’t need to spend more time making your message sound professional. With just a simple click, make your reply more formal.

Kommo AI: Make it Professional feature

Make it Friendly

Some days are more stressful than others. Don’t let your clients detect this change in the tone of your chats. The Make it Friendly tool allows your conversations to stay consistently friendly regardless of day-to-day stresses and workloads.

Kommo AI: Make it Friendly feature

Make it Witty

Additionally, Kommo AI can adjust text for changes in tone. For example, you can make your text conversational instead of professional and sales-orientated to make your client more comfortable chatting with you. All this is done at the click of a button.

Kommo AI: Make it Witty feature

Make it Longer

You can jot down bullet points or brief notes of important information and then use the Make it Longer tool to expand your answer into a full, proper sentence. This can be a great tool to use during calls.

Kommo AI: Make it Longer feature

Make it Shorter

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” – Blaise Pascal.

Long sentences can also be stressful for your clients to read through. The Rewriter can make your messages more concise.

Kommo AI: Make it Shorter feature

Make it Simpler

Sending complex texts can deliver the wrong message to your clients. The Make it Simpler tool helps you send clear messages with simple language. This way, your clients will always understand the intention behind your messages.

Kommo AI: Make it Simpler feature

To refine your communication, simply type your message, click the Kommo AI button, and choose the desired option. It's that easy!

Kommo AI: Suggestions

Another feature is Kommo’s AI Suggestions. This tool can proactively identify and fix common issues in your text, ensuring your communication is always professional and effective. This way, Kommo AI ensures you don’t miss any mistakes and helps your text improve as you write it.

Here’s a list of the suggestions that Kommo AI can give you: 👇

Kommo AI: Suggestions feature

  • Profanity check automatically detects and suggests replacements for inappropriate language.
  • Grammar & spelling check highlights and corrects mistakes to maintain professionalism.
  • Tone adjustment keeps your messages friendly and positive.
  • Length optimization shortens lengthy texts to make them more readable.

✅ With Kommo AI Rewriter, you can be confident that your message is polished and on point.

2. Kommo AI: Summary

The Conversation Summary feature instantly summarizes chats between your team and clients. This tool is perfect for catching up on past conversations, saving time, and highlighting the main points and any unanswered questions.

After a long chat with a client, reading through the entire conversation history can be tedious, especially if the responsible teammate is out of the office and someone else takes over where they left off. The Conversation Summary tool provides a quick overview, ensuring you never miss important details.

Kommo AI: Conversation Summary

📌 Like the previous Kommo AI features, it’s as easy as clicking the “Summarize” button at the bottom of every conversation.

3. Kommo AI: Suggested Replies

The final feature is the Suggested Replies. This feature generates suggested responses so teammates can fix issues faster. The Suggested Replies are based on the context of your conversations and your business’s knowledge base.

Kommo AI: Suggested Replies

💡When you receive a new message, click the suggestion button and choose the best response. Then, preview and apply it with a single click!


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