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Become a Partner

Take your business to the next level

By partnering with the world’s first messenger-powered CRM, you’ll access a multitude of benefits while increasing the value added to your customers.

Opportunities for EveryoneEvery Entrepreneur

Who’s our partnership for?

Kommo Partner with big dreamsKommo Partner with big dreams

Inexperienced yet ambitious people with dreams to launch their own business venture Marketing agencies and creative companies who want to grow their businesses

Kommo Partner who wants to launch their own business ventureKommo Partner who wants to launch their own business venture

Consultants, digital entrepreneurs and content creators looking for an innovative way to grow their startups

Kommo Partner looking for an innovative way to grow their startupsKommo Partner looking for an innovative way to grow their startups

Marketing agencies and creative companies who want to grow their businesses Inexperienced yet ambitious people with dreams to launch their own business venture

The Benefits of PartnershipUnlock the Benefits of Partnership

How we help
you grow

  • 🎁

    Earn without spending

    Forget about the need for investments, learn and start earning directly from your sales, with no overhead costs.

  • 🦄

    New niche and sought after product

    Cash in on the growing dominance of messengers in business. Not only will you develop your business in a booming tech market, but you’ll also get a leg up by partnering with a hugely successful company.

  • 💼

    Free training & priority support

    New to CRM? Don’t worry. You’ll get instant access to in-demand video courses and a personal coach to guide you.

  • 🥰

    Generate leads & customers

    We’ll help you get your business in front of new people, match you with customers who need your services and list you in our Expert Partner Directory.

  • 🌟

    Gain exposure

    Work with our marketing team to build your brand by writing think pieces, hosting webinars, guest starring on our social media and more. Since we already have an established audience, you can work with our marketing team to build your brand by writing think pieces, hosting webinars, guest starring on our social media and more.

Kommo & MBSMessenger-Based Sales

Why its a win-win

Messaging is quickly becoming the world’s favorite way to talk to businesses. The only problem? Chat tools are only built for marketing and support teams. That’s why we developed the world’s first messaging-powered sales solution.

And the response has been huge — more than we can handle! So, that’s why we need partners who can offer all the extra value add-ons that we can’t.

On a Mission to Grow

What you bring to the tableThe value you can offer

You’ll earn 35% commission by selling Kommo, but you are not just a reseller. As your skills grow, the bulk of your revenue will come from the added value you provide — which is 100% yours. You will earn 35% commission by selling Kommo to clients, but you are not just a reseller. As your skills grow, the bulk of your revenue will come from the added value you provide — and that income is 100% yours.

  • 🧭

    Basic Services

    Any partner, regardless of their experience and profession, can earn from training customers or simply by setting up the CRM.

  • 🧲


    With Messenger-Based Sales in your toolkit, marketers can offer customers services that bring about tangible results, such as driving more leads and boosting conversion rates.

  • Developers

    If you’re a developer, then you can open an entirely new revenue stream by building widgets, designing salesbots or customizing Kommo.

  • 📊


    If you’re a consultant, you’ll be able to add value by conducting trainings, providing professional feedback, analyzing costs and offering other services.

Start, Run, Grow

Launch in 4four steps

  1. 1

    Apply to become a partner

    Answer a few questions to take the first step toward getting your badge

  2. 2

    Watch the on-demand video course

    Access materials that will help you study to become certified

  3. 3

    Complete the certification test

    Pass the test to become certified

  4. 4

    Get Listed

    Get published on our Partner Directory and hit the ground running as an Official partner

FrequentlyMost ASKED questions

  • What is the process of becoming a partner?

    We're glad you are interested in becoming a partner! It takes just 4 simple steps to become a partner:

    • Step 1: Register and fill out the basic info on the partner portal.
    • Step 2: Watch the 5 video courses which will give you an overview of the partner program and teach you the basics of Kommo.
    • Step 3: Pass the Kommo partner certification test. If you watched all of the 5 videos, you'll have no problems with the test!
    • Step 4: Fill out the Get listed form to be published on our website as an official partner. The form becomes available in the Partner portal after you pass the certification test and can be found in Tools > Get listed. Our team will check your submission and get back to you in no time!

    After getting published you are an official Kommo partner and can start enjoying all of the program benefits!

  • What are the requirements to become a partner?

    Our partner program is designed for companies that have a tech & business profile, that provide services such as digital marketing, business consulting, software implementation or development and similar. We also need you to have a logo and a website that shows all your services and channels to get in touch.

  • How much does it cost to become a partner?

    Becoming a partner is completely free. There are no costs associated with being a Kommo partner.

  • Do I get an affiliate link?

    Kommo's partner program does not contain affiliate links. Payments for customer subscriptions are made in the portal by the partner. They are able to create accounts, prolong trial periods and make payments for their customers.

  • How do I learn how to use Kommo?

    Our partners are true ambassadors of Kommo! Partners learn by testing in their own account, watching the videos available in the Partner portal, our YouTube channels and Knowledge base and sharing knowledge in our Kommo partners group on Facebook.

  • What is the commission for partners?

    Partners earn 35% of every sale they make in the Partner portal. Once a partner reaches a total of $10,000 worth of sales, the commission is upgraded to 50%. Plus, any services you offer your clients on top of this are 100% your revenue.

  • How do I make a sale through the Partner Portal?

    Every sale you make as a partner has to be made through our Partner Portal. Login to go your Partner portal.

    You are able to create accounts for your customers in Tools > Create an account and when the customer is ready to make a subscription, the payment is done by the partner in Tools > Purchase subscriptions. A partner is not able to get a commission if the payment is not done in the Partner portal.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

    Kommo partners receive the following benefits:

    • – 35 to 50% commissions for every sale.
    • – Free Kommo account for 2 months. If you make a sale in this period, you receive 6 more months on your partner account. A partner sale is needed every 6 months to keep the free account.
    • – Kommo warm leads are sent to partners. These are potential or current Kommo customers which require help with onboarding and setup or have customization needs.
  • Is there any marketing or promotion content available for partners?

    Partners can use our promo videos available on YouTube and our website. Partners are encouraged to create their own content which promotes their company as a Kommo expert ready to help out with consultation, setup or customization needs. You can add your Partner Badge for everyone to know you are a true Kommo Partner!

  • Can someone from the Kommo partnerships team help me close a sale?

    The partnerships team can provide information on the process of making a payment in the Partner portal, assist in the unlikely case of a technical issue in the Portal and answer any partner program related questions. The partnerships team does not attend consultations between partners and their customers and is not directly involved in the sales process. The Kommo sales team will not contact any potential customer which had his account created by a partner in the Partner portal.

  • Where can I get in touch if I have questions about the partnership?

    All questions in English about your Partnership with Kommo can be made through our live chat in the: Partner portal. You can also reach out to us by WhatsApp or schedule a call on Calendly. We can help you with questions about: Payments, Partner Portal, basic Kommo, invoices, process on becoming a partner, orders & certification.

  • I have a technical problem/question, who can I get in touch with?

    Technical questions can be made through your own Kommo account, by clicking on your profile picture and then on the blue Technical Support buttom you will find on the lower section.

    For any info regarding the program or the Partner portal, you can reach out to the partnership team directly in the portal.

  • I tried to pass the certification test but I didn't succeed, what do I do?

    No worries! We will be happy to assist you with your test so you can understand better what the correct answers are and get certified ASAP! Get in touch with the Partnerships team in the Partner Portal.

  • I passed the certification test, what's next?

    The final step is to fill out our Get Listed form. You will find it in your Partner Portal, in the Tools section. You will need to fill it out with all your company's details, such as: Company name, address, email, phone number, website, logo, and location. Once you do, we will check your submission and add you on our website as an official partner

  • What payment methods are available?

    All partner's purchases must be made through the Partner Portal. Payments can be made using a credit card or by PayPal.

  • How do I enter the Partner Portal?

    Easy! If you are already registered on this page, just click on Go to partner portal. You can also access the Portal by loging in at then clicking on your name in the top right corner and selecting 'Go to Partner portal'

  • Does Kommo provide white label?

    No, Kommo is not available in white label.

  • What is and how do I add a technical user to my client's account?

    A technical user is an additional user in your client's account, which he does not have to pay for and is used by the partner who is selling the subscription. This user will allow the partner to make all the settings and configurations he arranged with his client in the account. At the moment you are in the Partner Portal making a purchase for your client, you will see a little check box that says Technical User. To add it to the account, that checkbox must be checked when making the payment.

  • What happens if I don't make a sale?

    If you don't make a sale during the free period we give you when we publish you as a partner, you will stop appearing in our Partner Directory in However, don't worry! You will still have access to your Partner Portal, so if you get a client you will be able to complete the sale and gain your commission. When we register that you made the first sale, we'll publish you again and give your 6 month of Enterprise account for making your first sale, so you can get back in the program and keep expanding your business!

  • Can I schedule a demo on your website?

    The demos offered on our website are made by the sales team and are for direct clients only. Partners go through a different learning process set up in the Partner portal. The free account partners receive and the videos available on YouTube and in the portal are a great tool of becoming a Kommo expert.