Free users

February 12, 2020

In Kommo you can add users even if you didn’t pay for them. However free-users will not have many rights and will not have access to the full functionality of Kommo.

Adding a free user

To create a free user, go to the Settings - Users section. Click on Add user, select Group - Free users.

Once this is done, the user will receive one of two types of emails:

1) If the user has never used Kommo, they will receive an email where they’ll find:

  • The name of the user who invited them;
  • Authorization data;
  • Information about Kommo.

2) If the user is already registered in the Kommo database (there is / was any other Kommo account), then they will receive an email containing:

  • The name of the user who invited them;
  • Login and password remain unchanged;
  • Information about Kommo.

To give a free user access to the lead or customer card, you need to send an internal chat to the free-user to grant them access.

The free user will see a notification in the notification center and will be able to go to the lead/customer card.

Free user possibilities

A free user in a lead/customer card can have access to:

  • View all fields and notes of the entity
  • Write in the internal chat of Kommo
  • Write to the contact of the lead card
  • Write to the account user in direct chat in Notification center
  • Switch between leads/customers (where they are added) through the notification center;

A free user cannot:

  • Edit lead or customer fields;
  • Go to any pages in the account
  • See / set tasks
  • Write notes
  • Add other free users to the lead or customer
  • See fields of attached contact or company cards

Deleting a free user

To stop the free user’s access to the lead or customer, click Participants in the lower right hand side of the lead/customer card. Select the free user and click on the red icon next to the name of the user. This will block access to the entity for the user.

You can also delete a free user in the Settings - Users section, to do so click on the checkbox near the user then the “Delete” option will appear. When you delete a free user, access to all leads, customers and the account as a whole will be terminated immediately.

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