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October 17, 2022

The Chats section is a great way of handling all your conversations while switching between chats with one click. It brings all your messages from different channels to one platform. You can also benefit from shortcuts to your integrations, settings and all the conversations going on inside your team.

In this article, you will be learning:

Chats section overview

The Chats section offers a familiar view to all messenger users. On the left side, you can find your inbox messages from all your connected channels and open the full Lead card in one click. You can also collapse the side panel to focus on the conversation. It’s super handy, especially when you are juggling several conversations across multiple channels.


Inbox options

By going to the three dots button on the right side of the inbox bar, you will get access to your Inbox options. Here, you can mute the notifications or choose to conduct multiple actions on different chats simultaneously. It also lets you sort your messages by different criteria: newest, longest wait or starred.


Search filters

Search filters help you to have the right conversations in front of you. To access them, just hit the Filter icon on the upper left side of your inbox section. Here, you can use dynamic filter options or set up all kinds of complex custom filters.


Additionally, you may choose to turn your filter results into Dashboard widgets that will display real-time data. For this, just go to ‘Total’ with your filters on and click the ‘Create dashboard widget’ button.


To learn more about creating your personalized dashboard widgets, visit our Dashboard - Creating custom widgets.

Mentions and Team Chats

In the 'Mentions & Team Chats’ section below the inbox tab, you can find your one-to-one conversations with teammates, group chats, support chat, mentions and bot messages that want to draw your attention to an issue.


You can write direct messages to your teammates or contact support from this tab. Additionally, by clicking … (three dots) > Create a group chat, you can create a Group Chat. This is for internal group conversations and allows you to have team discussions without switching to a different app.


Chats section shortcuts

Shortcuts help you to activate a bot, send templates, tag one of your team members and many more, without leaving the conversation!

You can find shortcut hints in the action box, by just hovering your cursor over the keyboard icon in the upper right side corner.


You have the following options that you can make use of:

Run bots and templates: To stop you from repeating the same kind of conversations many times, you can bring in your bots and templates. Just put a ‘/’ character and the list of all your bots and templates will be available for you to choose from.

Select action: When you click the ‘up’ button of the arrow key, the following actions will appear: Chat, Note, Task and Email. It lets you set tasks, take notes and send emails without leaving the conversation. Additionally, all information will be saved right inside the Lead card.

Mention teammate: It is especially handy when you work in a team and want to draw the attention of your team members to a particular question. Just put ‘@’ and choose the desired teammate.

Select recipient: While inside the action box, you can choose a different contact for the Lead by clicking ‘backspace’. There, you will see all available contacts. The same way, you can also talk to one of your teammates. Your conversations with your teammates will not be visible to the client.

Insert field value: To add a field value, put ‘[‘ (bracket) and choose the necessary field. These dynamic fields automatically pull out the desired information from the Lead profile and make your messages more personal.

Chat tools

To make it more comfortable for admins to get started with Kommo, there are chat tools in the Chats section that give shortcuts to the most important features. To access it, just click the gear icon on the upper right side of the conversation bar.


Inside the tools, you have the following options:

  • Integrations: all available integrations that you can connect to your chats section
  • Templates and Bots: edit and create new templates and bots for your conversations
  • Settings: general chats configurations
  • Broadcasting: list of all your ongoing, scheduled and completed broadcasts

To learn more about sending broadcasts, visit our Broadcasting article

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Or, visit our Integrations section of the Knowledge Base to see how to connect your favorite apps with Kommo.

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