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March 21, 2022

Kommo has a built-in online chatbot that could be a great asset for you when you are using our website chat button.

In this article, you will learn:

Why do you need an Online Chatbot?

Website chat button is an online chat that will allow your customers to contact you without leaving your website. This is an amazing tool to attract and grab more leads while they are still interested in your product. If you want to know more about online chat, feel free to visit the Website chat button article to get full information.

But, what if you are not available when someone writes to you? Here comes our Online Chatbot that will be handling your conversations by sending welcoming messages, scheduling meetings, informing about prices and catalogs, or creating tasks for you.

Unlike the regular messenger Salesbot which can be added in different stages of the sales pipeline, this bot can only be created and edited in the Engagement button feature.

However, you can use this bot for your sales as well, accessing it from the Salebot section of Chats > Setting >Salesbot & Templates. If you want to delete the bot you have to do that inside the visual editor of the website chat button settings.

How to create a Chatbot

To access Chatbot, go to Leads > Setup > Add source > Website chat button.

leads setup

add website chat button

Add the Online Chat button and enable the Welcome message. This will unlock the ‘Edit Online Chat bot’ button.

edit bot

Once you click the ‘Edit bot’ button, the usual Visual editor window will be opened.

visual editor

Here, you can create your bot according to your needs. Check out the Salesbot actions and steps article to find out detailed information about the Salebot actions setup.

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