WhatsApp via Gupshup

August 12, 2021

The world’s most popular messenger app is now a part of Kommo! Here is a brief guide on how to integrate WhatsApp for Business allowing you to capture leads and have WhatsApp conversations directly from Kommo.

Note: This integration is supported through Gupshup as WhatsApp has provided access to its API only to a limited list of intermediaries, including Gupshup.

This integration enables you to use WhatsApp with Kommo the most convenient way.

How to integrate WhatsApp via Gupshup

Let’s get started and set up WhatsApp widget step by step!

Step 1: Create a Gupshup account

Gupshup signup

Step 2: In the Gupshup dashboard select – Create your first app

Gupshup createapp

Select the type of app you want to create. Click on “Access API”

Gupshup selectapp

Step 3: Choose a name for WhatsApp messaging app

Gupshup nameapp

After submitting the name, scroll down and click “Next”

Gupshup next

The last step in this stage would be scrolling down and clicking on “Go to dashboard”

Gupshup go to dashboard

Now it’s time to go live and fill out all the necessary information.

Gupshup go live

Step 4: Read the checklist and prepare everything that’s needed before clicking >I’m ready”.

Gupshup checklist

Follow all the steps and complete verification.

Gupshup get started

Gupshup verification

Step 5: When your app goes live you need to install the “WhatsApp via Gupshup” integration in your Kommo account.

amocrm Gupshup

Copy your API key from from your Gupshup Account Dashboard and past them to Kommo:

Gupshup API key

Step 6: Copy the Callback URL and paste it in your Gupshup account:

WhatsApp Dashboard 🡪 Settings 🡪 Callback URL / Link your Bot. Once you add the link, click on “Go to Dashboard”.

amocrm Gupshup integration

Gupshup app live

Gupshup callback url

Add the integration as a Lead Source in your Digital Pipeline setup. Click on Add Source and select the WhatsApp widget. You will see the icon appear in the added sources.

amocrm whatsapp Gupshup

Now you have successfully installed WhatsApp integration for Kommo!

amocrm Gupshup integration whatsapp

How to use WhatsApp with Kommo

Using WhatsApp for business is next gen when it comes to customer engagement: you can connect with leads and customers ultra-fast, cut through the formalities for better rapport and give your clients the convenience of contacting you on their terms.

The newly connected WhatsApp widget is now a source of new leads that will automatically show up in your pipeline under the Incoming Leads stage.

Here is an example of an incoming lead through WhatsApp integration:

amocrm whatsapp Gupshup pipeline

To answer the lead’s message:

  1. Open the lead card
  2. Choose Chat in the message box, and specify the contact’s name
  3. Enter your message or choose a ready template
amocrm Gupshup lead

  1. Press send

In order to make the most out of it, make sure to read Gupshup’s rules, fees and limitations in regards to WhatsApp numbers.

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