Disable or remove users

February 20, 2020

As an administrator of a Kommo you have the option to disable or remove users from the account. A disabled user will be marked as inactive and will not be able to use the system, while a removed user will be removed from the account completely.

How to disable a user

Go to Settings > Users, click on the checkbox next to the user you want to disable.

Select the disable action.

Disabling a user in Kommo

The system will let you assign the user data to any of the other active users if you wish to do so.

Transfer data to user

Once the user has been disabled, they will be moved to the inactive tab of the users section.

This tab can be accessed by clicking on the Search and filter function.

Inactive users in Kommo, search feature

There you can easily activate the user once again by clicking on their checkbox and selecting activate.

Activate a user in Kommo

Removing a user

In the user checkbox, select remove users.

The system will let you reassign all of the user data to another user. The selected user will be completely removed from the account.

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