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your sales
with a CRM for

Kommo's chatbot which can response in instagram

Stop losing Instagram clients in your DMs

Automatically organize all your clients in a board-like view that shows where they are in the buying process.

Kommo's unified inbox with instagram messages

Every chat captured

Kommo’s unified inbox pulls in conversations from popular channels like WhatsApp, as well as Instagram comments, story reactions, and DMs.

Kommo pipeline with clients collected from instagram

Reply instantly with chatbots for Instagram

Response time is everything. That’s why our no-code bot builder is the crown jewel of Kommo’s Instagram CRM.

And even more Instagram CRM features

Task management

Team chat



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Top Instagram CRM use cases

Drive conversations in your DMs, posts, and stories that you can convert into customers.

  • Boost lead gen with greetings & quick replies
  • Capture comments and chats in your pipeline
  • Get client profiles that unify all interactions
  • Use bots and templates to follow-up faster

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