September 27, 2022

Our Broadcasting feature is an easy way to launch marketing campaigns with a selected user group, or simply message-blast your entire audience without leaving Kommo! Send a message to your customers, across any of the connected messengers and channels, en masse, in just a few clicks.

In this article, you will be learning:

What is broadcasting?

The broadcasting feature lets you send or schedule bulk messages to a group of people. Moreover, you can always see your finished, scheduled and ongoing broadcasts so nothing gets missed.

To access the page with your broadcasting snapshot, click the gear icon in the Chats section > choose ‘Broadcasting’ subsection.



Note: While using WhatsApp for Small Business, you can only have 249 daily broadcasts in order to avoid getting your number blocked and delays in delivering messages.

How to broadcast?

To send a broadcast, first you need to choose your recipients. For that, head over to your pipeline and use filters to narrow down the audience.

Let's say you want to send broadcasts to everyone with a VIP tag. Just choose the VIP tag and hit ‘Apply’.


With your filter on, go to the three dots icon and choose ‘New broadcast’.


A broadcast can be done with either:

  • A single message, or
  • A salesbot that will be launched for a chosen audience at a set time.

When you choose Message, you have to decide which of connected channels your messages will be working across. You can go with all or choose a specific one.

Below that, you have a field to customize your message. If you have a template ready, just select a template.


For your text message you can use a dynamic field which pulls information from a lead profile. It’s useful when you want to make a message more personal, for example, by greeting a client by name.

To add a dynamic field, choose the one you need from the menu on the right.


You can add a photo or video to enhance your message and even put on Quick Reply and Call to Action buttons.

Quick Reply will give your client a set of answer options you will define for them, while Call to Action you can use to redirect your client to a website or see the product page you have a discount for.

You can always preview your result in the very right of the settings window - just start typing.

You can also create a broadcast with a Salesbot.

To do that hit the ‘Launch a bot’ and choose any of your bots or create a new one.

When a bot is chosen, hit the ‘Next’ button to configure broadcasting settings.


Here you can name your broadcast, choose it to send now or schedule it for later.


Below you can review your choices before you hit ‘Finish’. Once saved, you will be redirected to the Broadcast page, where you can observe all your broadcasts. You can edit the broadcast if it hasn't been sent yet or see the details of the completed broadcasts upon click.

Want to know more about creating a Salesbot? Visit our How to create a Salesbot article.

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