Ringcentral: Integrating text messages

RingCentral lets you send out SMS messages to your potential customers directly from Kommo.
Send out an SMS in the US, Canada and internationally with up to 1000 characters. It’s a great follow up tool to engage your customers. 😎

Here’s a video on how to install and use the RingCentral SMS integration 👇

How to connect RingCentral SMS

The RingCentral SMS integration is super easy to connect.
In the Settings → Integration section find the RingCentral integration and click on install and then sign in.

RingCentral install in Kommo

Once you click on Sign in, you will get redirected to RingCentral for authorization. If you are not signed in your RingCentral account the first pop-up will ask you to fill out the login details. It takes just 1 click to authorize the connection between Kommo and RingCentral.

RingCentral grant access Kommo

Once it has been authorized you will need to choose the number you want to use.

RingCentral choose number Kommo

Click connect and that’s it. RingCentral SMS has been successfully installed. 🥳
Now you can start sending SMS messages right from Kommo.

How to use RingCentral SMS

Once the integration has been installed:

  • Go to any lead card containing a valid phone number
  • Click on the number and select RingCentral SMS
  • Write and send out a message in the chat field in the bottom of the lead card

Send RingCentral SMS from Kommo

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