June 17, 2022

api4Com is a business telephony system that allows you to communicate over the Internet. Since api4com is based in Brazil, you can only use it for making phone calls in Brazil. You can connect api4com with Kommo to record and log outgoing calls inside the Lead card.

In this article, you will learn:

How to install the integration

Please note: you need an api4com account to use the integration. If you don't have one, click here to create it.

To install the widget, head over to Settings > Integrations. Scroll down to the Calling section and select api4com from the list.

api4com integrations

Once you click on the widget, a new window with install settings will pop up:

  1. Agree to Privacy Policy and click install
  2. Enter the user token of your api4com account.

To find the user token, go to your api4com account. On the left side menu, choose 'Access Token' (Token de acesso).

Click 'Create a new access token' (Novo Token de acesso) and choose the validity period for your token. Once you have selected it, hit 'Create' (Criar).

New token

Your link has been created. To copy it, hover the cursor to the last token address and click it.

Copy code

Now, go to Kommo, paste the link to the User token field and click 'save.'

User token

Great, you are now connected!

How to use api4com

With api4com, you can't make and receive calls directly from Kommo. To make calls, you need to have the api4com extension for Chrome. However, all information about your calls will be available in the lead card. This allows you to listen to previous calls of your sales reps.

To start initiating calls:

  1. Install the api4com Chrome extension
  2. Log into your account
Login api4com

  1. Enter the phone number of your client
  2. Click Call to initiate a call

When the call is finished, you will find the record, date, the time and the duration of the call in the lead card. You can even download it to use it offline.

Log Calls

If you need help with setting up your api4com integration contact us by email at support@kommo.com, or write to us on Facebook. You can also contact our support team.

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