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October 18, 2019

CRM Plugin is the easiest way for your website visitors to connect with you over chats. All the website visitor has to do is to click on the chat button and use the connected messenger to chat with your business. Unlike live chats, the message history is not lost and it’s recorded in Kommo.

In this article, you will learn:

How to get started with CRM Plugin

How can I customize the CRM Plugin

How to install the CRM Plugin

To get started with the Engagement button, go to the Leads section of your Kommo account, and click on “Setup pipeline”.

How to get started with CRM Plugin

To get started with the CRM Plugin, go to the Leads section of your Kommo account, and click on the “Setup” button.

leads setup

Click on “Add source” on the left side of the screen and select the CRM Plugin and click “Add source”

add source plugin

A modal window with the CRM Plugin settings will pop-up.

Do note: Before you can use the CRM Plugin, integrate at least one Messenger with Kommo. You can do it right in the modal window by dragging and dropping the desired messenger icon to the messenger slots and clicking on it. Follow the provided instructions to integrate it.

CRM plugin

How can I customize the CRM Plugin?

You can customize the CRM Plugin to your liking with ease.

You can choose:

CRM Plugin size and radius: Live preview will help you get an idea of how it’s going to look like. Tailor it to your liking.

Do note: chosen chat icons will change their size  and radius too, depending on the size of the button itself.

setup size

Color: Also previewable in live time. Make it pretty!

setup color

Margin: This setting will help you position the button on your website just the way you like it.

Do note: Some people use low-resolution screens, so be careful with setting the margin settings too high. You may end up putting the CRM Plugin in the middle of the screen for someone.

Fixation of the button: if your website is scrollable, leaving this setting ‘On’ will make sure the button remains in place during scrolling.

fix button

You can select the chat icons orientation – vertical or horizontal. The icons are shown when the chat button is clicked.


You can also set the animation of the button while it’s idle. Selecting different options is previewed live in the settings window. Pick your groove!


In new version of Kommo, there is a new way to customize your CRM Plugin with a welcome message

welcome message

This message will be shown to the user to grab their attention while on your website. In addition to these options, you can custom header, add an avatar image and choose to show the sender name. 

custom header

We also have an amazing addition to the CRM Plugin - Chatbot! Now it is much easier to handle your conversations even without human intervention. To learn more visit our Online Chatbot article.

How to install the CRM Plugin?

To begin, select the messenger you’d like to use. Don’t forget to connect them first, otherwise they won’t be shown on your website.

In the Website section, add your website’s URL.

website url

Click “Save” and if everything was done correctly in bottom section of CRM Plugin setting code will appear.

save plugin

Just copy it and paste in body section of your website.

install code

Ta-daaa, the CRM Plugin is installed. Nice and pretty, just like the one on our own website:

plugin look website

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