Marketing bot

July 2, 2020

Marketing bot 🤖 is designed to help you create long lasting relationships with your current customers and increase customer loyalty.

The sales journey does not end with the first sale and loyal customers are the pillar of any company, and Kommo’s Marketing bot will help you create a personalized approach in customer communication.

It can be accessed and edited only in the Customers tab while using the Dynamic segmentation mode. To unlock the Marketing bot you should create a customer segment, you can learn more on how to create customer segments in our article.

Kommo Customers segments marketing bot

A separate marketing bot can be created in every customer segment.

To add a new bot:

  1. Open the customer segment you want to add a bot in
  2. Click on ‘Add marketing bot’

Once you enter the editor, the first step is to set up the trigger which activates the bot. It is the first step box marked in green. You can also choose to apply the trigger to customers which are already in the segment.

You are able to select between 9 different start bot triggers.

  • When an email is received
  • When a call is received
  • When a chat message is received
  • When a form is submitted
  • Invoice is paid
  • A purchase is added
  • When the responsible user is changed
  • When a customer enters a segment
  • When a customer exits a segment
Start marketing bot in Kommo

The Marketing bot will help you design the perfect customer communication strategy.

It is capable of:

  • Sending out messages based on triggers and customer actions
  • Subscribing customers to newsletters
  • Subscribing to Facebook and Google Ads campaigns
  • Sending out invoices to customers through Stripe
  • Generating loyalty cards
  • Making changes to the customer card in Kommo

Set up Marketing bots in different customer segments to create a personalized customer approach with targeted messages which will support your marketing and sales process.

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