Customer segments

July 2, 2020

In the Customers tab you can activate a mode of work called Dynamic segmentation. It differs from the standard pipeline view and customers will be displayed in a list.

Here you will be able to divide your customers into different segments and send out automatic actions based on the segment the customer is located in. This will help you personalize and target customers based on their specific needs and history of purchases.

Segments can separate customers based on their traits and interests or they can be populated with customers who are participating in a bonus or special discount program.

Here’s an example to get a better understanding of possible customer segments: Imagine you have a veterinary clinic, in this case you are able to divide customers according to different criteria.

  • Dog 🐶 or cat 🐱 owners. Divide these customers in separate segments and you will be able to send out messages, ads and promotions based on the type of pet they have.
  • Young or older pets, vaccinated or not, one or multiple pets.
  • Loyalty programs. Add customers in a segment where they will automatically get special discounts and benefits.
  • Service based segmentation such as dentistry, surgery, grooming and accommodation.

Each segment can have unique ad campaigns, multiple marketing bots and customer benefits. A single customer can be a part of one or multiple segments.

How to create a customer segment

Make sure your Customers tab is enabled in the General Settings (Recurring purchases button) of your account and it is in the Dynamic segmentation mode. If it is already enabled in the Recurring purchases mode you can switch it to Dynamic segmentation by going to the Customers tab > Setup Pipeline > Setup pipeline mode and selecting Dynamic segmentation.

Customer Dynamic segmentation mode in Kommo

In order to create a segment you need to:

  1. Enter the Customers tab and click on the ‘+ Add a segment’ button in the top right corner of the interface.
  2. A new segment block will appear.
  3. Once you’ve named the segment you will be able to select the automatic entry and exit conditions for the segment and set up various actions and marketing bots which will be activated for any customers which enter the segment.

Segment blocks have the following overlay:

  • Name of the segment
  • Price types (Add product and discount fields here by clicking on the three dots in the block and selecting Field management)
  • Entry and Exit conditions
  • Last event (A list with a feed of actions taken in the segment)
  • Run action (Create and run different actions in the segment)
  • Add [Marketing bot] (communicate with customers and automatically execute actions)
Customer segments in Kommo

Adding a customer to a segment

Customers can be added and removed according to automatic triggers set up in each segment.

Entry and exit conditions include:

  • Tags
  • Responsible user
  • Days after purchase
  • Total purchase value
  • Number of purchases
  • Average purchase value
  • Products
  • Date
  • Referrer ID

Customers can be added in a segment manually in just 2 clicks.

In the list view click on segments and select the one you want the customer to be added in. Double click to remove a customer from a segment.

Kommo assigning customers to segments

Segment actions

You can run the following actions which will apply to all customers in the segment:

  • Subscribe to MailChimp campaign
  • Subscribe to Facebook and Google Ads campaigns
  • Add a task
  • Create a lead
  • Send an email
  • Send a webhook
  • Edit tags
  • Complete tasks
  • Generate form
  • Change lead’s user
  • Change field
  • Generate store card (unique Kommo action available only in the dynamic segments mode)

Marketing bot

Segments feature a unique marketing bot that will communicate with customers which are in the segment. It will help you personalize communication with customers and improve their experience. Learn more about Marketing bot and Salesbot.

Each segment can have one or multiple Marketing bots.

Add a marketing bot in Kommo segments

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