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Interview with Dmitrij Żatuchin, CEO and Head of Business at DO OK

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Implementing a CRM for agencies helped DO OK shorten meetings, boost productivity and onboard new teammates with ease.


Headquartered in Wrocław, DO OK aspires to be more than just another software development company — its mission: to offer live-changing software services.

“We help the founders of products which heal people or the Earth,” says CEO and Head of Business, Dmitrij Żatuchin, explaining the firm’s focus on delivering solutions for FinTech, MedTech, Healthcare and Transport.

A decade after its founding, the agency has evolved into a global brand with more than 50 employees in offices across 3 European countries.

? DO OK is a consultancy and software development company. If focuses on delivering comprehensive software services for FinTech, MedTech, Healthcare, supply chain using blockchain, big data, web applications, mobile and end-to-end solutions.

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The team has successfully completed 90 projects for clients around the world, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the UK, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and the United States.

The goal

For a mission-guided agency like DO OK, growth is important, but only when aligned with the company’s core values. When it comes to earning revenue, Dmitrij explains, “The goal is to have a data-driven sales department aligned with the company’s mission.”

“The goal is to have a data-driven sales department aligned with the company’s mission.”

The challenge

DO OK is one of those companies that doesn’t wait for a problem to land on their doorstep. If they can see it on the horizon, they’re going to be prepared. One of the challenges that DO OK has faced is growing the organization and measuring the performance.


1The DO OK team

Back in 2018, Dmitrij took it upon himself to scale up the success that the agency was seeing. “I had to scale myself or club myself,” he laughs, “I needed a tool to put the whole history in one place. Contacts, success stories also. And that’s also when we were onboarding our first business developer to the company.”

“I needed a tool to put the whole history in one place.”

In a search for a CRM for agencies

Although Dmitrij used Zoho in the past, he decided to look for a new CRM for agencies. “After online research, comparing existing options within the available budget,” he explains, “I decided to introduce Kommo.”

“After online research, comparing existing options within the available budget, I decided to introduce Kommo.”

The CEO of DO OK explains the primary reasons for choosing Kommo:

  • Easy-to-introduce pipeline customization
  • Rights management module with view-only access
  • The pricing fit their budget
  • The Kommo team was helpful and not pushy

The approach

Step 1. Lead Card

Dmitrij emphasizes the importance of having a detailed view of the lead card in the CRM. To make sure that there is enough information, his sales team found the following tools extremely useful:

  • Use tasks
  • Use notes
  • Internal team communication
  • Attachments

Step 2. Analyze the Stats section

Dmitrij also highlights the importance of overseeing the team’s activities and consolidated reports in the Stats section. These reports provide general information on all leads, contacts, and to-dos in Kommo. The data is easy to understand — it’s illustrated as a chart and graph.

  • Teams activity
  • Activity Log
  • Consolidated report
  • Stages & Conversions

He adds, “Every month we can analyze the pipeline's stages and conversion coverage.”

“Every month we can analyze the pipeline’s stages and conversion coverage.”

Step 3. Analyze the Dashboard

Dmitrij has also customized the Dashboard — where you can view major sales performance indicators right in front of you.

Step 4. Analyze data in Google Analytics

The CEO of DO OK explains that once the lead is won, the data about this lead automatically gets sent to Google Analytics.

The results

“Our conversion rates and workload became transparent — we can share all data with a team.”

Dmitrji summarizes the results that Kommo — CRM for agencies, has brought about:

  • Weekly sales meetings became 50% shorter — saving 12 hours per month.
  • The onboarding process for new teammates became much easier.
  • The number of completed tasks has increased.
  • Communication needed around the clients reduced.
  • The consistency and rituals have improved.

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