Introducing Round Robin in Salesbot

September 8, 2023

In today's fast-paced business world, customer engagement is paramount, and personalization is key. With the Round Robin feature in Salesbot, you can effortlessly test and optimize your Salesbot menu usage. In this article, we'll delve into how Round Robin in Kommo works and explore its benefits for Kommo account users.

How Round Robin Works?

Round Robin is a powerful tool within Salesbot that allows you to arrange the execution of steps in a circular sequence. With round robin, you can choose more than one action from the Salesbot menu. Like sending messages to customers, sending internal messages, distributing the responsible users, assigning tasks to the team, adding notes, stopping or pausing the bot, and any other action from the sales bot menu. You can even choose Round Robin from the menu.

To begin, access the Round Robin feature in your Salesbot menu. This feature is exclusively available for Kommo accounts.

Use Case Scenario

With Round Robin, you can add up to 100 different options. For example, let's go with three options. For each option, click Add Next Step and select the desired action from the menu. In this case, we choose Message.

Once you've set up your options and messages, save your Salesbot configuration.

To put your Salesbot into action, set up a trigger for its activation with every new lead. This ensures that the bot engages customers promptly when they initiate contact.

What’s going to happen next? These messages will be sent to your leads in a sequential fashion, so make sure they are diverse and engaging.

As leads interact with your bot, it will send the messages you've designated in a circular pattern. For instance:

  • The first client will receive the first message.
  • The second client will receive the second message.
  • The third client will receive the third message.
  • The fourth client will circle back to the first message.
  • This pattern continues, ensuring messages are distributed evenly among your leads.

📢Important Note: Limitations and Considerations

While Round Robin offers great flexibility, it's essential to be aware of its limitations and potential restart conditions:

  1. Maximum Actions: You can have up to 100 actions, but the minimum requirement is two. The Round Robin block initially provides two options, and you cannot delete one until you have at least three.
  2. Distribution Restart: The distribution sequence may restart under the following conditions:
  • If you don't use your bot with Round Robin for 30 days, the distribution resets.
  • Adding or deleting options also triggers a distribution restart.
  • In some internal cases, like switching accounts between databases, the cache resets, and the distribution starts again from the first option.

In conclusion, Round Robin is a valuable feature in Salesbot that empowers you to use the salesbot menu in a systematic and balanced manner!

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