Guide to Kommo notifications

May 18, 2023

In sales, we understand how important it is to stay up-to-date on all activities inside your account. This is why with Kommo, you can receive notifications to help you to stay informed of your due tasks, messages, billings and more, whether you're at your desk or on the move.

In this article, you will be learning about:

Notification channels

In Kommo, you can receive notifications in 4 ways:

  1. As a browser notification
  2. To your email
  3. On mobile app
  4. Via Telegram

To enable or disable any of the channels, log into your account and click the profile picture in the upper left corner. Select Profile and scroll down to the notification settings.


  • The browser notifications are shown as a popup on the right side of the screen, and remain in the corresponding sections. Be sure to enable notifications for in your browser.
  • Email notifications will be sent to your email that is associated with your Kommo account. You can configure how fast and when you want to receive these notifications.
  • To get notifications on your mobile, you need to download our mobile app (iOS, android) and sign in with your account details.
  • Telegram notifications can be added by clicking the add button. It will direct you to the Kommo notifications bot, where you can subscribe by clicking Start.

Types of notifications

In your Kommo account, these sections can send you notifications:

  • Chats
  • Calendar
  • Mail
  • Notification center

When there is an unread message, a red notification bubble will appear showing the number of notifications. This will alert you to when an action is required.


  1. In the Chats section, you will get notifications from:
  • inbox messages from all your connected messaging channels
  • internal messages with your teammates
  • group chats
  • mentions
  • bot messages
  • support team messages

Note: Notifications in the inbox of the Chats section will disappear only when you close the chat or mark the conversation as answered. When you mark the conversation as answered, it will still be visible inside the chats section, but will be highlighted as red. When you close the conversation, it will disappear from the chats section and you need to use filters to find it again.

To learn more about the Chats section, please visit the Chats section article.

Tip: You can also disable your Chats section by going to Settings > General settings > Chat inbox. In this case, all your Chats notifications will appear in the Notifications center.

  1. In the Mail section, you can get notifications whenever there is a new email from the mailboxes that you have connected to your account.
  2. Calendar section shows the number of tasks that you have for the current day or overdue.
  3. Notification center is for system messages like:
  • Expiration of the paid subscription or trial period
  • Newly set and expired task
  • Blocking the API
  • Disabling the Webhook
  • Reports
  • Other errors

You can find the Notification center in the lower most left corner of the screen.

In the Notifications center, you can also apply filters and sort notifications to push the ones you want to the top of the list.

To filter the notifications, just click the filter icon in the notifications center and choose one of the default filters - unread, today, starred; or apply different kinds of custom filters.

You can access the notification center settings by clicking the three button icon on the upper right corner of the menu. Here you can mute the notifications, or apply multi-actions by clicking the multi-actions tab and choosing the desired notification from the list of notifications.

Here, you can also sort them by choosing one of the sort options: ’newest’, ‘unread first’ or ‘starred’. This will help you to bring the most needed notification to the top of your list.

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