Facebook Ads Integration

February 12, 2020

If you want to run ads in a specific stage of your pipeline in Kommo, then you need to set up a Facebook Ads trigger.

Setting up Facebook Ads trigger

Facebook Ads trigger gathers and adds information about the lead at a specific stage of the pipeline. It creates a custom auditory that sees your ads on their Facebook. Once the lead leaves the stage, for instance, they won’t see these ads. If a new lead gets added, they automatically see the ads.

To set up Facebook ads trigger you need a Facebook ad account with custom audiences agreement ad campaign and an ad group with the ads to show your leads. Once you get that, you can start setting up Facebook ads.

Follow these steps to create a Facebook ads trigger:

  1. Go to Leads
  2. Click "Setup"
  3. Click on a place in the stage where you want your trigger
  4. Select Facebook ads

Note: If you’re not logged in to your Facebook through Kommo, you need to log in and give access to work with your Facebook.

The modal window appears.

From there, you need to add conditions for leads, when to execute the trigger, your ad account, ad campaign and ad group.

You can “Apply only to the main contact” — in this case, you run ads only for the primary contact of the lead and “Apply the trigger to all leads already in the stage” — this trigger takes all leads in your pipeline and meets your conditions.

To complete setup, go to Facebook, open an ad group used in the trigger to the audience section and select your new custom audience from Kommo, such as “AMOCRM: test campaign 2020-02-03 19:02:04 (UTC)”

Follow these simple steps and have your Facebook ads trigger running.

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