How to get started in an existing account (for non-admins)

July 1, 2023

Have you received an invite to join a Kommo account? First off, welcome on board, we are so glad to have you here! In this article you will learn everything you need to know about working with Kommo. From setting up your profile to handling day-to-day tasks, we’ve got you covered. So keep on reading to find out how to make the most of your Kommo experience!

In this article, you’ll learn about how to:

Log in to your account

When you are invited to join an existing account, our Support team will send you an email with your login information. This will include a password assigned to you by your manager. You will also receive a link to reset your password, click the link to change your password.

Head over, click Sign up on the upper-right hand corner and enter your login information in the email you received to access your account.


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Configure your profile

When your manager created your invitation, they filled out your name, email address and password fields on your behalf. Once inside Kommo, you can review your profile information to make sure all your details are correct and set up your account. You can edit your profile by clicking on the photo on the upper-left hand corner and then choosing “Profile”.

This is where you can manage your personal information, account preferences, and notification settings. You can personalize your CRM by uploading your own profile image. and change details such as your name, phone number, email, and preferred language.


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To find your notification options, scroll to the bottom of the page.

If you want to configure your notifications, simply check or uncheck the boxes in the appropriate places to configure your notifications. You have the option to specify how and when you want to get alerts for a certain action.


You have the option of receiving alerts by telegram, email, or the browser. You must download our mobile app (Android/iOS) and connect with the same account information in order to receive alerts on your phone.

👆 Tip: To learn more about how to configure your notifications, visit our How to configure your notifications article.


Your account can look different based on the permissions you have. As a user, your ability to view, edit, delete, create or export certain information may be restricted depending on the settings determined by your manager.

If you are unsure about your user rights, please contact your manager to learn more.

Use your chat tools

Let’s move on to how to use Kommo to chat with your leads and clients. By now, your manager should have already connected your company’s messengers and communication channels to Kommo. - so now you may be wondering how to use them.

Messages from all connected business messaging channels land in your Chats section as an unified inbox so you do not have to juggle several conversations across multiple apps. To respond to a message, select a conversation and go to the action box. There, you can choose to write a standard text message, upload media or file or run special actions through shortcuts, such as:

  • Run bots & templates
  • Select action
  • Mention teammates
  • Select a recipient
  • Insert field value

To do so, simply hover over the keyboard icon in the bottom right-corner of the action box and enter the desired shortcut.


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Chat and collaborate with your team

Now it’s time to learn how to use Kommo to communicate with your manager and team members. In Kommo, you can send internal messages to your team and even create team chats.

To do so, go to your ‘Chats’ section and select ‘Mentions & Team chats’ tabs at the bottom. Here you will find mentions to your user and a list of your team members, as well as an option to chat with Kommo’s support team and to receive a scheduled report. To start a new conversation with someone from your team, simply click on their names and start typing on the action box.


You can also create a team chat to talk with several team members at once. This tool is ideal to discuss a project that involves multiple people or even to plan team social events like happy hour dinners. Head to Mentions & Team chats > three points button > Create a group chat and select the team members you wish to add to the group chat.


You can also collaborate with them in the chats section by assigning leads, clients and tasks to different team members, if you have the permissions to do so.

👆 Tip: To learn more about Mentions & Team Chats, visit our Chats section article.

Work in the pipeline

Let’s move on to the pipeline, where the magic happens!. Kommo’s pipeline is where you can keep track of your leads’ steps in your sales process. Head to your Leads section and you will find the pipeline already configured by your manager in terms of stages and cards’ layout.

Once you receive a new lead, Kommo will generate a lead profile where all their information and chats with you will be stored. You can drag-and-drop to move your leads through the pipeline stages or to the ‘won/lost’ status.


👆 Tip: To learn more about leads, visit out Incoming Leads and Lead profile articles.

To ensure smooth management of your leads, It is important you and your team are on the same page. For example, your manager can assign you to be responsible to a specific stage of the pipeline or to all leads with a certain tag. This avoids confusion among you and your team members on which leads to answer or to be responsible for.

To find the leads you are responsible for, click on the ‘Search and Filter’ field above your pipeline stages and select ‘My leads’. You can also use filters to navigate them, such as their names, the date of creation, lead sources, and tags.


👆 Tip: To learn more about leads and pipelines, visit our Lead Management section of Knowledge Base.

Track your tasks and results

To make sure you’re always ahead of the game, Kommo has multiple ways to keep you up to date with your tasks and goals set by your manager.

You can manage your tasks in the Calendar section. When someone from your team assigns you a task, you’ll find them here.

👆 Tip: To learn more about the Task Management, visit the Tasks article.


Head to the Dashboard just below your profile picture to view the most important data of your business. There you’ll find widgets for unanswered conversations, median reply time, longest waiting reply, tasks and other data, which you can use to track your progress. This way you can keep up to date to your company’s overall performance.

Don’t forget to download our app on your watch to monitor the sales data on the go.


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